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The Tomato Results

Starting from late Spring I used to prepare my garden for the planting period. This is when I need to select the types of vegetables to plant or not for the year. Among all these choices, tomatoes planting takes the first priority before others. It is more than simply because of my love for this red fruit. I can say I love tomatoes!

However, at the moment of planting it, I can see only the dry seeds of the tomatoes or the young leaves depending on the types I opted for. Then I will plant, and thereafter start the watering and more watering (often in the hot summer) until the leaves grow bigger. Sooner, the tiny green baby tomatoes surface! Few weeks later, there will be the real tomatoes to eat! Yuppies!!!

I am grateful to use this illustration to describe to you how prayer works. When you pray, you may be lucky to see the results immediately. But, from my experiences, I can testify that the best results of a persistent prayer, which I will refer to as the tomatoes results; often takes time. This is because these results bring to the person praying the best of all answer. There is nothing to rejoice about during the planting of the tomatoes simply because there were no fruits then. Prayer is the same. You do not see anything. I believe I will harvest a tomato or more of it , which is why I plant. I have the faith that propelled me to take the bold step to till the ground, buy the seeds, plant it, continue to water it until they spring up.

Prayer requires faith to produce results. It requires your believe that everything will come to you as you expect. If you don’t believe, you don’t get it. You only need to pray and then wait upon the Lord to answer. How do you wait? By thanking God for the results even when you have not seen it. By maintaining a positive attitude of someone expecting a miracle. Sometimes, some prayers are not necessary to be repeated again and again because they have already been answered long ago. It takes a Christian with deeper spiritual insight to know this. You cannot get what you are not eager for. Have you ever heard of attraction? You draw the tomatoes results to your prayer requests when you are genuinely interested in them.

Change the way you regard Jehovah and what you think He is capable of doing for you, and you will be amaze.

God bless you.

Talk To God

I met a beautiful lady last year during a five-day conference on disability at a Methodist church in Raleigh. We got on right from the start! Ours was a friendship like biological sisters, except of course, it was brief.

One day, I was discussing something personal with her when she cut me short and said, “Talk to God.” Have you ever talked to God? She added. It hit me! First I thought she meant praying to God.

“No,” she explained. “You don’t raise your hands towards the heaven, close your eyes and start saying, “Holy Father in heaven I thank you, I blessed you and all that stuffs.” That’s too formal!”

When she was through with me, I realised God desires a friendship with us and not a rigid approach from us. Many of us are too fixed on the conventional platform of prayer that we do not create the atmosphere of informal relationship with the Almighty.

Do you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, father, mother, child(ren), wife, husband, closed colleague, mentor(s), or many more? How do you communicate with them? The way you interact with your family members and friends is not the exact way you will with your boss or customers. This is because you do not know them 100% or share your personal life with them.

It is exactly the same family relationship or friend relationship that God wants from you. Besides, He knows you even before you were born[Psalm 139:16]!

Change how you pray throughout this New Year. Rather, practice talking to God everywhere you are. You don’t have to bother whether you’re doing it right or wrong. There’s no perfect way to communicate with Jehovah. You can choose to go crazy like Gideon [Judges 6:17] and ask Him for signs. But don’t doubt Him like Thomas [John 20:25-26]. You can choose to write poems to Him like David wrote some of the Psalms.

Talk to Him when you go out running.

Talk to Him in the gym

Talk to Him when you’re taking the children to school or taking them home.

Talk to Him in the middle of your board meetings.

Talk to Him when you get confused about your research.

Talk to Him in the shower, in your toilet, on the bus, in your kitchen, when you sad or happy, when you are meditating or among the crowd.

It does not have to be aloud. Think of Hannah [1 Samuel 1:13] and you will master the art of whispering to God. As a matter of fact, talking to the Lord should be a one-to-one affair.

Don’t stop talking to God! He loves it!

Just hang in there!

“You’ll even be turned in by parents, brothers, relatives, and friends. Some of you will be killed. There’s no telling who will hate you because of me. Even so, every detail of your body and soul—even the hairs of your head!—is in my care; nothing of you will be lost. Staying with it—that’s what is required. Stay with it to the end. You won’t be sorry; you’ll be saved.” Luke 21:19 MSG

Patience is a friend of time. Impatience is the best friend of destruction. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that can replace patience as invaluable virtue. Good timing produces the concrete result, which in the end somehow makes the long waiting  worthwhile.

Hanging in there does come with lots of sacrifices. First, it requires reaffirming your faith in God. Under no circumstances must you doubt the Lord’s capabilities in providing the desirable outcome. Second, it demands to embrace the spirit of positivity. Yes, you believe it and you shall have it! That’s how it works. Staying in the realm of visualising that you have already obtained what your need even when you have not received it.

Third, you have to pray. No one can pray for you as much as you can. Prayer is like the cement that solidifies the bricks to ensure they do not fall apart. Prayer is the torchlight that illuminates the dark places. Prayer is the passport to create the first point of contact with God. Overall, prayer is the mantra of a genuine Christian!

Fourth and last, be patience. The price(s) that is associated with waiting is inestimable! When you rush to obtain something, you are likely to get the counterfeit or something that you may not like at all. The best is to hang in there; wait, wait and wait until you have the real thing you asked for.

Let Us Pray

Father, we want to thank you.


We want to express our appreciation for giving us this opportunity to come before you with all our weaknesses, fears, worry, loss of hope and future anxiety. We like to say we appreciate your hands of help upon our lives in all of our circumstances; the ones we know and those we do not.


Father, at present, we have come to you wholeheartedly with our bare hearts yet filled with profound thirst for you.

1) We pray for Malaysia. When a country is in pain, we all are in pain alongside. We pray for the Malaysia and its people. Enough is enough. Malaysia is neither some dead abyss nor a spiritual scapegoat! In the space of five months Malaysia has been subjected to a double blow; aircraft disappearance and now an airplane crash. In this difficult time, we pray for divine peace and solace.

We pray, Oh Yahweh-Shalom, to console all nations and the affected families of the lost ones. Lord, please fortifies and comforts them. Let your promise of Isaiah 41 verses 10 be seen eternally in their lives as they move through this trying moment.


2) Our dear Father, we urge that harmony be established between Israel and Gaza, Ukraine and Russia, and Iraq, other nations in conflict. The more there is the call for peace, the more the situation degenerated. As such, we knew, Almighty God that only you can stop all these catastrophes. Therefore, in accordance, we rebuke every spirit of confusion, hatred, disharmony and narcissism. We come against all demonic angels camouflaging in the guise of ethnicity and religion to trigger strive. We pray against the spirit of authoritarianism, egocentrism, stubbornness and rebellion.


3) Everlasting God, help us to acknowledge you as the sole solution to our global disaccord. If we knew you, our lives would be better and peaceful and we would have absolutely no reason for ethnical antipathy or religious disagreement. Teach us to consider our actions and thoughts. Stir in us the everyday needs of cross-examining how we treat others. Instill within us the spirit of love and forgiveness so that we can be just like you in our mindset. Without you, Lord, we are the embodiment of an imbecile, thinking we are perfect when, indeed, we are not.


We need you, Lord. Our world is suffering; from the south to the north and the east to the west. We are thirsty for you, dear Father. Indeed, we are. Come, Jehovah, come and intervene in our perverse world and transform our existences. All of these we pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, in Jesus mighty name,




Your Major Gateway

Isaac prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was barren. The LORD answered his prayer, and his wife Rebekah became pregnant.” Genesis 25:21

Prayer is very important. It is one of the major gateways to God. Prayer is not what you should take lightly, I mean what you should ignore as if it does not matter.

As a Christian fills with the Holy Spirit of God, you need to embrace prayer throughout your life. There is no way you can get directly access to God daily without you talking to Him and you do this through Prayer.

It is true that by worshipping you still have access to God but Prayer should not be an alien to you. Your faith increases in God when you pray daily and without ceasing.

You don’t have to get on your kneel all the time of the day to pray. You can pray within you while in a bus, in a train, while driving, while at work, while eating, while discussing with your colleagues or family.

Do not toy with the idea of praying. Do not keep postponing your moments of prayer until you get weary. I repeat, your life as a Christian is not complete without prayer.

Be ready to pray every day and remember, you don’t just pray to God for your need, but you pray to keep 100% relationship with Him.

So are you going to embrace your major gateway— Prayer?


You Need Faith!

“Seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near;” Isaiah 55:6

The Lord is forever waiting and ready to hear you. But you must call upon Him. You must go to Him.

And the way to do this is by praying, reading the word of God, meditating, praising and worshipping Him. You may call this devotion but it goes beyond just this.

The only ways to get to God are through the ways I described above. And for you to be able to do this, then you need faith.

I repeat, you need FAITH. You don’t see God. No one sees Him YET we believe He exists and He hears us all the time. This is why even when praying, or reading the word of God, or worshipping him, or meditating before Him, you need to be strongly established in faith so that you will believe that everything you ask Him for is granted unto you.

He is near and you can find Him anytime you want. Just go to Him in FAITH!


Can You Wait?

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12

Hope is more about waiting and believing God for something. Hope is increasing your faith in the Lord and your salvation. You know the day of the Lord is near when Jesus Christ will come but you have no idea about the time or the date. Yet, you keep waiting, exercising your faith.

A hope that stands alone and can succeed in all odds. When you rest your faith in God, at all times and you tend to believe Him to deliver you, to save you, to help you, to live in your life, then you have hope.

The moment you get weary and you start questioning your faith, then there is problem. Many believers fall by the wayside. They get to a point and then, they began to ask if truly God exists, if truly Christianity worth the effort.

I would like to tell you that you must stay firm in your hope. Do not give up. Never get to the point where you will lose your hope in God.

Be patient, pray at all times, read the word of God daily to empower you, and stay strong in your faith.

The more you keep your hope in God, the more He will raise you up, and beyond your extreme imagination.

Right now, my question to you is, Can you wait?


Salvation: The Process Steps

“…But much more now in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is God who is at work in you, enabling you both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” Philippians 2: 12b-13

What a joy the day you received Jesus Christ into your life! Yes, the heavens rejoice that day because you are no longer the old you and now, you are a new person.

That is salvation! And the question is; does salvation just ended there?  The answer is simple and that is; Salvation is a process steps. When you are saved. You don’t sit there and that’s it. To keep standing with the Lord, you need to work out your salvation.

The ways to do it are;

—   Reading your Bible and DAILY!

—   Pray at all times and EVERYDAY!

—   Living in the presence of the HOLY SPIRIT every second of your LIFE!

—   Preaching the Gospel every day and THROUGH ALL MEANS!

—   Keep constant relationship with God and WITHOUT ANY RELENT

—   Being conscious of who you are, the way you talk, think, look, react and of course your attitude towards life.

—   And many more.

When you are able to do these without any problems then you are working out your salvation. And lastly, never you think that you are above temptation. In fact, you are prone to temptations now than ever because the devil will not relax and see you serving God. He will do all he can to tempt you and this is why with all fear and trembling, which means with extreme consciousness and dedication to God, you are and will be able to overcome any temptation.

Believe me, being a believer is great and I love being one BUT you need to work it out!


Hey, Gear up your Sleeping Faith!

“Then I proclaimed a fast there, at the river Ahava, that we might deny ourselves before our God, to seek from him a safe journey for ourselves, our children, and all our possessions. For I was ashamed to ask the king for a band of soldiers and cavalry to protect us against the enemy on our way, since we had told the king that the hand of our God is gracious to all who seek him, but his power and his wrath are against all who forsake him. So we fasted and petitioned our God for this, and he listened to our entreaty.” Ezra 8:21-23

We have focused so much on the meaning of fasting to be just for the purpose of acquiring something from God, but fasting is more than that.

In this verse, Ezra’s faith was tested to the core. For he and his entourage to get to where they were going, they prayed, and fasted for God’s protection even over their children. It means we can fast also to ask God to protect us, and not to give us something.

Fasting is very powerful. I can tell you this, and please, I want you to believe me, that faster has higher degree than prayer! You can pray all the time, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening or in the night, but when it comes to fasting, you have time usually set for this.

You can fast in until noon, or three in the afternoon, or till 6pm.  And this is not all! Do you know there are different types of fasting? I will not go fully into that here because it is for another post but here are few,

—   Day Fasting – this you fast within a day or more, from specific hour to another.

—   White Fasting – to go on this, you can drink water but no food, no salt. Some believers prefer to carry on this fasting with juice.

—   Dry fasting – when you go for this, you don’t drink or eat. You stay on fasting without any.

Back to Ezra, there was no doubt he and his people were scared of their journey, I mean they themselves, alone, and perhaps it was such a long journey that required tight security. But because Ezra was known to be a man of faith, and to his king, Ezra’s God is sufficient to protect him. Thus, the king did not bother giving out security men as guards for Ezra and his people, and Ezra himself did not dare ask the king.

If he did, he would be contradicting his faith in God, and if initially the king is on the verge of converting, he (King) may withdraw, believing that after all, Ezra’s God is not worth going with.

Due to the shame, Ezra withdrew his demands, then he and his people prayed and fasted.  You know what? This is faith! And it is such a powerful faith that took them safely throughout their long journey till they reached their destination.

They never used the king’s soldiers, or cavalry, all they used were their faith and their trust in God. And the Lord protected them, no harm came to them, nothing happened to their children, the enemy did not attacked them.

Often, we rely so hard on the security men, the men of the law, the Police or whoever to protect us, but I want you to know that all these people are mere human like you. They have their limits. In fact, there is little they can do for you.

What if you are in dire need of help and you are there calling 911, or 18, have you ever pause to think of this? You may have gotten into big mess before the help you called would come. This is because their distance to you at that time is not near, or they are busy elsewhere, or there is miscommunication during the call.

They cannot bring help to you immediately but with God, this is instant!  You don’t know to pick a phone to call God to come and rescue you. He is right there by your side. You only need to gear up your sleeping faith to see Him. Fast, pray and hold on to your faith.


Princess Ayelotan

©2010 All Rights Reserved

Your Dark Ruling Angel

“Those with good sense are slow to anger, and it is their glory to overlook an offense.” Proverbs 19:11 (NRSV)
When you overlook an offense, it does not mean you are foolish as many people think. It just means you are trying to avoid trouble and that you are wiser than they thought.
Life is so small and so vast as well depending on how you tend to live it. When you flee from trouble, then you are elongating your life in the best way. What about when you tend to face any situation in your moment of anger?
Do you know that through your anger, you can end up shortening your life? Anger is not the best. It can destroy so much you have worked for within few seconds.
Anger can put you in jail. It has all the possibility to erase your good deeds from the surface of the earth.
Often anger may be for good cause but you have to watch it. You have to control your temper especially now that you are about to enter the New Year. Be extremely careful when you are annoyed.
Instead, I implore you to avoid anger at all cost. Flee from it if you must but don’t let it rule over you. You have every capacity within you to tame it. You have the Holy Spirit of God right inside of you. Ask Him to help you to deal with your hot temper.
You must do it now! Don’t wait until it ruins you or almost before you do something about it.
Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved