Be Modest

Years ago, at a research training, I met a lovely woman who left me with the most beautiful two words ever. They are, “Be Modest”. I never saw her again as we work in different fields and countries, but she taught me a lot. Being modest in your life and dealings with others does notContinue reading “Be Modest”

My pastor, my saviour

Learn to pray for yourself, and by yourself. The pastors to whom you are running during your crises, are human beings just like you. That means they have personal problems, too. The bottom line is that these are not your saviour. Often, private prayers help you draw closer to Jehovah than what you refer toContinue reading “My pastor, my saviour”

In the Family of Horrors (1)

Who is here with me that we have a situation? In these days, when everyone is under some form of lockdowns, we have some men chose or are choosing to flex their muscles on their wives or partners. These women are now their punching bags, whether physical, moral, psychological or emotional. The bodies of theirContinue reading “In the Family of Horrors (1)”

Those Who Have No Control (3)

I grew up in a home where violence against women was justified. You are told your spouse needs to beat you to show he is in charge. If he did not, then it means something is wrong. Hence, every woman I knew as a child had endured mild or severe intimate partner violence. From generationContinue reading “Those Who Have No Control (3)”