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The Faithful Promises of God

Forget about deciding what’s right for each other. Here’s what you need to be concerned about: that you don’t get in the way of someone else, making life difficult than it already is.” (Romans 14:13 MSG)


Everyone is inclined to offer advises and suggestions to another person. We just cannot derogate from this. Perhaps this is usually part of being human; we wish to be there for the other person because we might feel obliged to or not. Assisting those in need seems not be bad if at all we can step back a few seconds to consider whether our offer of assistance is welcomed at that period of time.

How many Christians have further complicated issues for their Christians without meaning to? Only by learning the mastery of limit can we live in complete harmony with others. A continuous refreshing fellowship in the presence of God, demands knowing what procedures to be adopted in actual time, and in any given situation. Having the Holy Spirit abiding within us will tell us when or not to intervene in the affairs of others unless of course, we fail to consult Him before proceeding.

Amplified Bible says “ Then let us no more criticize and blame and pass judgment on one another, but rather decide and endeavour never to put a stumbling block or an obstacle or a hindrance in the way of a brother.

Stumbling block, obstacle, hindrance …these three provide obligatory explanation to understand the surfeit we caused by getting in the way of others even when our intentions are a good thing.

There is nothing as magnificent as allowing God to step into the situation of the person concerned instead of us striving to help to make things right. Jehovah knows perfectly what each and every one of us need in order to overcome our problems. By engaging in blaming game will not compel the person to amend his or her acts.

For instance, a Christian parent constantly criticising a drug-addicted child will end up worsening the conflicted atmosphere. A couple fond of nagging creates more extreme negative energy in their marriage. Christian employees keeping malice with their bosses over past or on-going issues widen the prospects of losing their beloved jobs.

Why waste fruitful time over that when we can take the situation to our Almighty Father and let Him handle the crises? Why should we compound the problem for others by getting in their ways even when we knew that we are not able to provide a lasting solution? Why can’t we look upon and rely on the faithful promises of God? He knows best than we do. Why do we always declare that we know God when we fail to believe in Him?

Unless God is 100% in our entire dealings with others, and ourselves we will carry on getting into trouble, most especially unnecessary inconveniences. We pray that God changes us in Jesus mighty name,




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Can You Wait?

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12

Hope is more about waiting and believing God for something. Hope is increasing your faith in the Lord and your salvation. You know the day of the Lord is near when Jesus Christ will come but you have no idea about the time or the date. Yet, you keep waiting, exercising your faith.

A hope that stands alone and can succeed in all odds. When you rest your faith in God, at all times and you tend to believe Him to deliver you, to save you, to help you, to live in your life, then you have hope.

The moment you get weary and you start questioning your faith, then there is problem. Many believers fall by the wayside. They get to a point and then, they began to ask if truly God exists, if truly Christianity worth the effort.

I would like to tell you that you must stay firm in your hope. Do not give up. Never get to the point where you will lose your hope in God.

Be patient, pray at all times, read the word of God daily to empower you, and stay strong in your faith.

The more you keep your hope in God, the more He will raise you up, and beyond your extreme imagination.

Right now, my question to you is, Can you wait?


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Trust is all you need

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high, shall abide under the shadow of the almighty” Psalm 91:1

There is absolutely no one who depends entirely on God for everything he needs in life that will be disappointed. God is faithful to His people and it is His happiness when we all put your trust in Him.

The bible says He is the almighty and that means He has all the power and the grace to see us through.

If you trust God in your life, then there is no point in you getting worried about the issues in your life. God will take care of them all. All you need is to be strong in your faith and never lose hope.

You need nothing but TRUST, so why don’t you go on and keep trusting Him.


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How It Shall Go Well with You

“Happy is everyone who fears the Lord, who walks in his ways. You shall eat the fruit of the labour of your hands; you shall be happy, and it shall go well with you. “ Psalm 128:1-2

Trust goes beyond just mere words. It means taking the initiative in your actions, your moves and with all your might. When you trust someone, you are rest assured that this person will not disappoint you. You feel good within you and there is the peace that comes with it.

But I would like you to know this; trusting your fellow human being is like wasting lots of years trying to be a castle in the sand. To trust a man is nothing but fruitless effort because man will surely fail you. It may not be instance but such a time will come when you will really see that this person is not worth trusting after all.

God is forever God, and to Him be all the glory, honour and adoration forever more, amen. You have nothing to worry about when you trust Him. By doing this, you are confirming your reverence to God.

Do you remember that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom? You fear God means you know He is God, and you heed to His instruction without any argument. To fear God equally means to love Him, to trust Him, to accept His Lordship over your life.

And when you fear Him, surely you will be happy as the verse quoted. Your life will not be same when you choose to live in God, to walk in His ways, to obey Him, to advance in your knowledge of Him.

The Bible says because you fear the Lord, and because you walk in His ways, then you shall prosper, in every endeavour of your life. You shall prosper in your businesses, your job, your career, your education, your family, you relationship, and with your children.

What a joy, knowing how much we gain when we follow God and earnestly walk in His ways! The Lord says, it shall go well with us.

Aren’t you  glad to realise this? You don’t have to look elsewhere anymore. Believe me, there is no need. Just go on, put your trust in the Lord, fear Him with sincerity, respect Him, love Him and it shall go well with you, in Jesus mighty name, amen.


Princess Ayelotan

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When facing your Tunnels…….

“But as for me, my prayer is to you, O Lord. At an acceptable time, O God, in the abundance of your steadfast love, answer me. With your faithful help rescue me from sinking in the mire; let me be delivered from my enemies and from the deep waters.” Psalm 69:13:14
Time and situations come to everyone at different times. There is absolutely no one who is left without his own private problem(s).  I want you to understand that you are not alone in your situation(s). There are thousands of people who had experienced the same, while some are still in similar ones.
In spite, there is grand different especially for you as a believer. Tell me, whom do you turn to in time of trouble? God? Your own understanding? Or who?
When you turn to God and give up everything to Him, He will transform everything around in many unexpected ways that are beyond your imaginations. But there is something I want you to also know here; God works at the right time!
God won’t do something for you at the time that is not best for you. He works at the right time, which is the acceptable time for Him. I must remind you that God knows best. He understands your feelings, your pains, your agonies, your pasts, and your secrets more than I do. He will give you what’s best and durable for you at the appointed time.
So for this, you need to be patient, to trust Him for everything even when you have not received your request from Him. Yes, He will do it.
Remember, God is forever faithful. It doesn’t matter how far you have strayed from Him before you come back asking Him to help. No matter how much you have sinned, that does not prevent God from helping you in your troubles. He wants you to just come to Him with you burdens, your heavy loads that bother you and He will solve them all.
Don’t worry, because I know with this strong divine conviction in my heart that God won’t neglect your request but He will do it.
Princess Ayelotan
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A Friend more than a friend!

“They that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever” Psalm 125:1

You have seen how mountains are? How huge, fearless they are! These mountains have no fear of falling or anyone breaking them because of their strength. Often you heard about the Kilimanjaro as well as Mount Everest.

These mighty mountains are so powerful that anyone attempting to climb them will fill the force. In spite, many people took the initiative and climbed these mountains to the top.

It is the same as Mount Zion, the relative term for God’s holy place. When you are liken to Mount Zion, then you are powerful, untouchable, and unbreakable, and you become irremovable.

Trusting God for your life and in everything is the best assurance as Christian because you will be at peace knowing that God is taking care of you.

I keep saying this and I won’t stop letting you know that God wants you to trust Him. He delights so much in your welfare and anything that pertains to you. He wants you to rely on Him for every aspect of your life, for your needs, for your request and of course for your well being.

Give God the chance and let Him prove His supremacy in your life. It does not cost you anything to put all your trust in God. In fact, it is the best decision you can ever think of.

If you are not been trusting God for everything in your life, why don’t you just take out the initiative today by going ahead and doing that. Go on, and trust God!


Princess Ayelotan
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“That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life” St. John 3:15

Believing God for everything in your life, trusting Him for your yesterday, today and future is just what you need. When you trust someone, it shows that you have somehow relied on that person for something. And you are sure that this person will not disappoint you.

Trust is very powerful. It shows your allegiances to someone. Without trust for someone, you won’t feel any motivation to rest you cases on that person. In fact, you won’t regard such person with respect or awe.

And when there is trust between you and that person, you will be ready to carry on with such person because you have the confidence that you are safe.

This is applicable to God. If you trust God and believe Him for everything you need in life, of course, you won’t be afraid of disappointment because if will never come. And you will have great confidence because you know deep within your heart that all your burdens, your concerns and your desires are being taken care of.

God is aware of what you need and He will surely do it. All He wants from you is that you should trust Him, believe me because He is the rewarder of those that diligently seek Him.

So why not give God the chance in your life from now on. Do not worry about how He will show up in your cases. Just rely on Him and please, I implore you, just BELIEVE HIM!


Princess Ayelotan
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“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” Matthew 21:22

There are several events going on around the world that are enough to melt away one’s Faith. With the economic recession, the earthquakes, the heavy flooding, death tolls, wars in many countries, sicknesses, accidents, conflicts among friends, family members, couples, parents, and enormous divorce rates, one can easily think of nothing else than giving up.

In one of his sermons, Mr David Wilkerson said something that I truly respect and hold dearly to my heart. He said; ‘Faith is trusting God.’

When you go to God in prayer for whatever your needs may be, you have to believe that He will deliver your request to you. It is not enough for you to just pray.

It requires your never-changing, never-bending faith to have your prayer comes true. There is no doubt that one can easily be discourage. And probably you may be at the point of letting go BUT I have good news for you.

God does not want you to give up. He loves you. He cherishes every moment you spend before Him, He is 100% attentive to your cry, He cares for you and He expects you to hold on strongly unto Him without letting go. And for you to be in this glorious position with God, you need God-given faith.

It simply means trusting God for everything no matter how dark the situation may be at the moment. You need to keep confessing positively to your situation even when the result hasn’t come.

One important point you must not forget is; DO NOT FORCE God to act on your behalf. I mean do not give God the deadline to give you what you request for. Be patient and master the art of perseverance. Never be in a hurry.

God will do it and at the best of time. It is for your own good that you stay focus, be patient, hold on to your faith and never let go.

Believe me, God will do it.


Princess Ayelotan
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