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The Tomato Results

Starting from late Spring I used to prepare my garden for the planting period. This is when I need to select the types of vegetables to plant or not for the year. Among all these choices, tomatoes planting takes the first priority before others. It is more than simply because of my love for this red fruit. I can say I love tomatoes!

However, at the moment of planting it, I can see only the dry seeds of the tomatoes or the young leaves depending on the types I opted for. Then I will plant, and thereafter start the watering and more watering (often in the hot summer) until the leaves grow bigger. Sooner, the tiny green baby tomatoes surface! Few weeks later, there will be the real tomatoes to eat! Yuppies!!!

I am grateful to use this illustration to describe to you how prayer works. When you pray, you may be lucky to see the results immediately. But, from my experiences, I can testify that the best results of a persistent prayer, which I will refer to as the tomatoes results; often takes time. This is because these results bring to the person praying the best of all answer. There is nothing to rejoice about during the planting of the tomatoes simply because there were no fruits then. Prayer is the same. You do not see anything. I believe I will harvest a tomato or more of it , which is why I plant. I have the faith that propelled me to take the bold step to till the ground, buy the seeds, plant it, continue to water it until they spring up.

Prayer requires faith to produce results. It requires your believe that everything will come to you as you expect. If you don’t believe, you don’t get it. You only need to pray and then wait upon the Lord to answer. How do you wait? By thanking God for the results even when you have not seen it. By maintaining a positive attitude of someone expecting a miracle. Sometimes, some prayers are not necessary to be repeated again and again because they have already been answered long ago. It takes a Christian with deeper spiritual insight to know this. You cannot get what you are not eager for. Have you ever heard of attraction? You draw the tomatoes results to your prayer requests when you are genuinely interested in them.

Change the way you regard Jehovah and what you think He is capable of doing for you, and you will be amaze.

God bless you.

You Need Faith!

“Seek the Lord while he may be found, call upon him while he is near;” Isaiah 55:6

The Lord is forever waiting and ready to hear you. But you must call upon Him. You must go to Him.

And the way to do this is by praying, reading the word of God, meditating, praising and worshipping Him. You may call this devotion but it goes beyond just this.

The only ways to get to God are through the ways I described above. And for you to be able to do this, then you need faith.

I repeat, you need FAITH. You don’t see God. No one sees Him YET we believe He exists and He hears us all the time. This is why even when praying, or reading the word of God, or worshipping him, or meditating before Him, you need to be strongly established in faith so that you will believe that everything you ask Him for is granted unto you.

He is near and you can find Him anytime you want. Just go to Him in FAITH!


Why Must You Waste Your Time to Pray?

“And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” Matthew 21:22

It is absolutely needful that you pray but it is equally important to believe in the power of your prayer. Tell me, how do you expect your prayer request to be answered when you don’t have confidence in it?  Don’t you think you are wasting your time to pray when you don’t believe that God will answer you?

Prayer is a must, so also is believing. If you believe, it means you have faith, and when you have it, then life will be easy to you.  You won’t see fear in the face of life, because all that will come to you will solely be extreme confidence.

It does not matter what your requests are, God is able to do all things according to His riches in glory. With God, all things are possible and thus, be not afraid.

Just pray and believe with all your heart that God has answered your request(s).


Can You be Counted Righteous?

“And Abram believed the LORD, and the LORD counted him as righteous because of his faith.” – Genesis 15:6

Abram became Abraham (Father of many nations – Genesis 17:5), as result of his unshakeable faith in God. In spite of his old age, of his weak body and that of Sarai who eventually was called Sarah (Mother of many nations – Genesis 17:15), Abraham became a legend of all.

Listen, faith and believing work together. That you have faith in something, something, does not necessary means you believe in that thing. Many people knew God exists but these people don’t want to believe at all in the power of salvation or Christianity.

This is individual opinion but I am not here to tell you how your own judgement about God should be, rather, I want you to fully understand this context of the verse above.

The Bible says Abram believed God. This man’s conviction about God began long, long ago while Abram was still living among his family. When God called Abram, the man did not argue nor refused to obey the Lord. With 100% humility and submission, and despite the objections that must have risen, Abram, having no idea where he was going, just picked up his wife, his servant, his property, and MOVED ON, to obey God.

If Abram had refused, believe me, God would have chosen someone else or find the way to convince Abram but God, who knows the heart of man, knows how humble and useful was Abram.

Do you believe God the way Abraham did? It is because Abraham’s faith and believe that God blessed him.

When your faith remains unshakeable, irreversible but strong in the Lord, there is surely nothing that will be difficult for you to achieve.

Any time you are down and worried, think of Abraham, who left his household, his parents, siblings, relatives, wealth, and all, and followed God, and for this, he (Abraham)’s life became that of Abundant blessings.

Do not waiver, never be weary, be strong in the Lord, believe in His sovereignty, and let your calling as Christian be worthy of such then God will count you righteous just as Abraham, in Jesus name, amen.


Princess Ayelotan

©2010 All Rights Reserved


Getting Right Your Divine Compass

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Do you know that everything you do, your make, your long for, or you desire, all have specific time and season?

Whatever you will be on this planet earth have been predestined. They are not just the way they are presently. They were designed to be even before you were born.

Do not forget that with God, everything is well organised. He does not just work anyhow or often the way you want. God has His own timing for everything. There is no one on earth who is as organised as God.

Remember I stated this before, about timing, and I will not relent on this. Life is all about timing, about season, and events that happened to you, or around you, or in your world, are not just that way. They are meant to be.

You may be seeking God’s face for something. Never forget that the timing is very important in this. Several times, I have asked God for what I need but some of my requests did not materialise at those periods I thought they would, but they came later on, at the best time.

It is best when you have what you so desire at the appropriate time. What if you get it at the time that is not great for you? What will you do?

If you look closely at the ways of God, I mean the ones you knew; you will see that God’s timing is perfect for you and in all your endeavours.

Are you desperate about something? Or are you already getting tired, thinking God is not going to answer you? My brethren, do not panic, never lose hope and make sure you hold on strongly on to your divine Faith, because God is surely going to show up for you, and grant you all your heart desire, in Jesus mighty name, amen.


Princess Ayelotan

©2010 All Rights Reserved