Month: July 2014

Let Us Pray

Father, we want to thank you.


We want to express our appreciation for giving us this opportunity to come before you with all our weaknesses, fears, worry, loss of hope and future anxiety. We like to say we appreciate your hands of help upon our lives in all of our circumstances; the ones we know and those we do not.


Father, at present, we have come to you wholeheartedly with our bare hearts yet filled with profound thirst for you.

1) We pray for Malaysia. When a country is in pain, we all are in pain alongside. We pray for the Malaysia and its people. Enough is enough. Malaysia is neither some dead abyss nor a spiritual scapegoat! In the space of five months Malaysia has been subjected to a double blow; aircraft disappearance and now an airplane crash. In this difficult time, we pray for divine peace and solace.

We pray, Oh Yahweh-Shalom, to console all nations and the affected families of the lost ones. Lord, please fortifies and comforts them. Let your promise of Isaiah 41 verses 10 be seen eternally in their lives as they move through this trying moment.


2) Our dear Father, we urge that harmony be established between Israel and Gaza, Ukraine and Russia, and Iraq, other nations in conflict. The more there is the call for peace, the more the situation degenerated. As such, we knew, Almighty God that only you can stop all these catastrophes. Therefore, in accordance, we rebuke every spirit of confusion, hatred, disharmony and narcissism. We come against all demonic angels camouflaging in the guise of ethnicity and religion to trigger strive. We pray against the spirit of authoritarianism, egocentrism, stubbornness and rebellion.


3) Everlasting God, help us to acknowledge you as the sole solution to our global disaccord. If we knew you, our lives would be better and peaceful and we would have absolutely no reason for ethnical antipathy or religious disagreement. Teach us to consider our actions and thoughts. Stir in us the everyday needs of cross-examining how we treat others. Instill within us the spirit of love and forgiveness so that we can be just like you in our mindset. Without you, Lord, we are the embodiment of an imbecile, thinking we are perfect when, indeed, we are not.


We need you, Lord. Our world is suffering; from the south to the north and the east to the west. We are thirsty for you, dear Father. Indeed, we are. Come, Jehovah, come and intervene in our perverse world and transform our existences. All of these we pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, in Jesus mighty name,




The Life We Invested In

To such as keep His covenant [hearing, receiving, loving, and obeying it] and to those who [earnestly] remember His commandments to do them [imprinting them on their hearts]. Psalm 103:18


We have a chance. We have a life. We have many choices.

However, the life we invested in is the life we eventually have to live with. We do not need to be forced to go through a process of learning about the order of life. Even if we are compelled into doing so, there will definitely be at that moment in our lives when we are going to go back and discover that part of who we are presently is as a result of our choices.

Life in Christ is so full of abundances. Likewise it comes with challenges and these are from having to make that ultimate choice; to go on doing His will, be with Him and totally depend on Him; or to go in and out of His will whenever we want.

Let us not get too hasty in forgetting that as Christians, we are sowers and reapers. What we sow is exactly what we reap. If we stick to God like superglue to a surface, we will be transformed beyond our imaginable doubts because He will forever acknowledge for being faithful to Him. On the other hand, if we divert and our lives are not consistent with His ways and wills, then let us not fool ourselves since we know the outcome already.

Irrespective of our wrongdoings His mercy is from everlasting to everlasting and He does not change and it will not be over our silly mistakes that He will turn His back on us.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, what are the life we are investing in? Life of Christ or the life of the world? May God continue to direct our life and lead us back on the right paths each time we stray away from Him, in Jesus name,