Understanding How Miracle Works

Every snail step is one step forward. No dream becomes a reality unless you work for it. In the actual matter, you will not receive your expected miracles until you provoke it. Comfort zone do not like provocation because it will disrupt the settled peace. This is where everything plays itself out. In other words,Continue reading “Understanding How Miracle Works”

What Humility Will Do For You 

Humility is a virtue, not a sign of weakness.  Humbleness does not signify that you are a dunce who everyone can trample down.  On the contrary, humility elevates your inner peace and illuminates your hidden beauty.  You may not acknowledge it, but those in your world, and around you will see the spirit of humblenessContinue reading “What Humility Will Do For You “

Stop ‘Practising’ Gratitude

Today, I watched the US presidential inauguration and a sentence from the speech Bishop Wayne T. Jackson of Great Faith Ministries International was, “Let us not take for granted the air we breathe.” In other words, ‘appreciate it!’ Do not suppose that you have the rights to obtaining the correct oxygen. By showing gratitude forContinue reading “Stop ‘Practising’ Gratitude”

Where Is Your Place? 

To Ingold Tim, every place, in comparison to a gathering of things, is a knot of stories. There are stories revolving around families, pets, and career pathways. There are stories about rescues and losses, and there are tales of restoration.  Every Christian must be conscious of the possession of a sacred place, where he canContinue reading “Where Is Your Place? “