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Understanding How Miracle Works

Every snail step is one step forward. No dream becomes a reality unless you work for it. In the actual matter, you will not receive your expected miracles until you provoke it. Comfort zone do not like provocation because it will disrupt the settled peace. This is where everything plays itself out. In other words, you have to go grab your miracles with your every strength. Do not think you can just sit in the corner and pray to receive divine intervention. Good things (Miracles) only come to those who work for them. 

Prayer works, and I can tell you more on that, though not now. I am not suggesting you stop praying or believing in the power of intercession. On the contrary, you are required to get up and hit the road to obtain your miracle. You don’t fight for it, you don’t have it. It is about wanting it so badly that all nerves are hurting. It is about carefully following instructions to the latest details. Ruth obeyed. Solomon obeyed. Moses obeyed. Rahab obeyed. Prophet Samuel obeyed. And not to forget Abraham who willingly gave Issac to the Lord for burnt offering. 

To recapitulate, provoke your miracles to come to you as you wish by following these important two steps;

  1. Having earnest passion, genuine desire. 
  2. Obedience. 
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What Humility Will Do For You 

Humility is a virtue, not a sign of weakness. 

Humbleness does not signify that you are a dunce who everyone can trample down. 

On the contrary, humility elevates your inner peace and illuminates your hidden beauty. 

You may not acknowledge it, but those in your world, and around you will see the spirit of humbleness shining its light out through you.