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The Missing Link

Relationship can become a struggle when only one side of the party is making considerable effort while the other is not. It takes two to tangled. This means love is not present where there is no honesty.

You can take a donkey to the river to drink but, you cannot force it to drink. It will if he wants to. Likewise, you cannot force others to come in total agreement with you if they are not willing to be honest with you and the relationship you have with them.

People quarrel. Couple fight. Friends hurl at each other. Even animals can engage in physical lockout for minutes before exhaustion.

This is life. To keep grudges or refuse to let go can ruin healthy relationships. Already, any fragile friendship will not stand when one of the people in it fails to acknowledge his or her wrong.

True healing will come from genuine inward confessions and repentance.

Be Modest

Jehovah created us in His own image. As such, His expectations from us is to master humility. Being humble does not imply stooping so low and forgetting one’s dignity. Humility that comes from God involves going out of our comfort zone to becoming like Jesus. Our saviour could have refused the cross. Yet, he stood the test of time simply because He cares about us. He did not curse those who spat in His face. He never rains curses on those who mocked Him. Above all, He did not reject those of us whom like Apostle Peter betrayed Him at the critical point.

Humility is an act of love and God is love.