The Leper & the Chinese

The lepers stayed outside the gate because no one wanted them. In like manner, the Chinese are being stigmatised because everyone thinks they are responsible for the Coronavirus. I participated in the ongoing International Toy Fair in Nuremberg, Germany until this evening; The salon is where one expects to meet with lots of business peopleContinue reading “The Leper & the Chinese”

The People Concerned (1)

Any references to this verse are often attributed to companionship between a man and a woman. However, this biblical verse extends beyond this and applies to any discussion about the plague affecting many people. This plague is called LONELINESS. It is a silent killer that attack the invisible people. I called them invisible because theyContinue reading “The People Concerned (1)”

My Way is My Way

In some situations, people don’t like those who take pleasure in having their ways, and there is a good reason for this. When Cain killed his brother, he did it out of jealousy. His sacrifice was not accepted. God found fault with many of his attitudes, but, Cain probably saw no reasons why he isContinue reading “My Way is My Way”

His Praise Richly Deserves

The first thing we do when we wake every morning is to jump off the bed is to run around for the day. We hasten around throughout the day because we want to get things done. However, many of do not provide the chances to pause for one moment to praise Jehovah. We have soContinue reading “His Praise Richly Deserves”

Unreasonable Parent

Throughout his lifetime, his father has been a pain and the cause of his death. Jonathan did not deserve to die when it happened. If Saul were not standing in his way, Jonathan would have lived. The truth is, many people do not deserve to be parents, but they don’t want to accept this reality.Continue reading “Unreasonable Parent”

God at the Deathbed

It bothers me when people say they do not believe God exists or believe in Him. So real everyone has the rights to his or her personal beliefs; after all, our world is about exercising one’s fundamental human rights. However, that supposedly ‘rights’ is not applicable where the fundamental principles of spirituality are concerned, mostContinue reading “God at the Deathbed”

The Offering Basket

Have you ever heard of people stealing church’s offerings or breaking into cathedrals to go away with religious relics? Late last year, some folks broke into the cathedral in d’Oloron-Sainte-Marie , a town in the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques, in southwest France. They succeeded in stealing valuable liturgical objects. The fact is, this was not theContinue reading “The Offering Basket”

The Ziba(s) of our World

Every second, minute, hour, and the day, it seems like People With Disabilities (PWD) must live under constant struggles to survive. On the street, they must fight for their rights to be respected, to be given their parking spaces, to be able to use the public amenities without any need to provide accountability to others,Continue reading “The Ziba(s) of our World”


Several times I come across people who profess to be Christians but, their attitudes toward others exhibit silent discrimination. To be a Christian implies emulating the character of Christ. He did not ignore prostitutes, witches, deceitful tax collectors, beggars, migrants, and the disabled. He was there for them even if other people usually surrounded him.Continue reading “Hypocrites!”