Month: September 2010

Simple but COMPULSORY principles for long life

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.” Ephesians 4:2

Pride comes before destruction. It does not come so suddenly or in a hurry. It slips in gradually without any invitation. And a man who permits pride to rule his life should be very careful. There is no profit in it. There are no positive results in pride. All that comes out of it brings in lots and lots of headaches.

Whereas being humble, having that large dose of humility can creates brighter world for you even beyond your imagination. I don’t want you to confuse humility with foolishness. That you are humbled does not mean you should give free chances to nonsense. Being humble will not give you that space to put up ‘show offs’ or derive enormous delight in pride.

Jesus Christ humbled himself throughout His life on earth. And for this, many failed to understand whom He is until after He left them. Today, He keeps telling us through His Word that we must be like Him. Our world becomes better when we apply these simple principles, which are clearly written in the above verse.

Let me quickly break down the remaining,

—   Gentle – It does not say you should let loose your guard. It just wants you to have compassion. Without this, you won’t understand the rudiment of the gospel. Compassion brings out the positive sides inside you. I mean ‘GENUINE’ compassion for life, for people, and for whatever is going on around you. When your heart is stoned cold, how can God dwells in you?

—   Patient – A length of time is nothing in the eyes of God. He sees you. He knows what you want and He knows the best time, the appropriate time for that. So do not be in a hurry. You won’t get far when you are always in haste with life. Don’t lose focus. Don’t lose hope. Just stay calm, take it easy and never cease to pray. I mean – RELAX!

—   Love – The greatest of all commandments and the best of all. Unfortunately, many have taken advantaged of this in bad ways. Love of God is agape love and if you sincerely have this in your life and apply it daily, then you are surely pronouncing the gospel of our Lord. Love people with extreme genuineness even when it is too hard for you to do this. Love people for whom they are. Love people because you truly love them and not because you want to gain something out of them. Love and never stop loving.


The Distance between You and God

The man who thinks he knows something does not yet know as he ought to know. But the man who loves God is known by God.” 1 Corinthians 8:2-3

You may think this is crazy but I am going to tell you many times without stopping that without God in your life, then you are NOTHING!

When a man believes he has it all without God, he is simply saying that he owns his life and that he created himself. And this man is ignorant. He may be reacting deliberately or out of event that happens to him but then, must he get to that point where he should condemn God?

If you reach the stage whereby life does not have any value to you, then you should watch out. Knowledge rotates everyday. It does not belong to anyone. God alone has all authorities over the wisdom, the knowledge and the understanding of life. It is to Him you are to go to when you need to clarify issues in your life. If you say you are capable of knowing everything in life, then where is the space you leave for God to rule in this world? Where is that big space in your heart that you give to God to live?

A man who loves God has nothing to lose. He has only secured his life and his future. Without God in a man’s life, that person is emptied. He is like a shell without its owner and in the days when the waves come, it will just carry the shell (him) away without any help coming to him.

And it is the positive side for a man who acknowledges God in his life. He shows he has respect for divinity, for spiritual values and for everything pertaining to God. There is no way God will not make Himself known to this man.

I don’t have to boast to you here. I am a living testimony, I mean, a woman who has gone through it all, tested it all and finally come to that realisation that God; only Him alone has all the power and authority of my life. I did not just accept God overnight to preside over my life. I passed the storms, the waves and of course the troubles seas. That I am telling you all the time about God is because I know where you can find the everlasting peace, love and happiness you are looking for. You can find them all in God.

Wait, if you are not convinced, I want you to take this bold step, put aside all that you rely on, all those gods or materials you focused on, and come to God for a while. I bet you are not going to go back. God does not need your money before He can allow you into His presence. He needs you to acknowledge the price paid on your behalf; Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son.

Everything is done for you. All you need is come to Him, the author and the finisher of your Faith. You may have diverted or wavered in your faith, I am here to tell you that it is not too late. God is a God of many chances who spreads His love everywhere and forever waiting for you to come back.

Remember, there is no distance between you and God. It is your imagination. He is right there by your side. He hears you. He sees what you are doing.  He knows what you are after, and what you are going through. He knows when you go to bed and when you wake up. He knows all your movements for that day even before you know them. He is waiting for you to break that imaginary gap you create between you and Him, and come to Him.


A Day with God

The Lord says; “These people come near to me with their mouth and honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men.” Isaiah 29:13

You change your life positively when you ‘sincerely’ worship God. I mean ‘sincerely’ when you go to God in truth. It is one thing to worship God with your hymns and songs but your heart is emptied. And it is exactly another thing to worship God with the same hymns and songs that comes out of extreme genuineness.

There is no doubt that for the sake of money making rituals, many new-founded churches have developed worship in their own styles, which are contrary to God’s foundation. As long as church members can donate huge sum of money, these so-called men of God don’t care about God.  They want the money. And for them to get it, they can go extra length pretending to be on God’s side.

Let me remind you here — God is not to be mocked. It may take time but that moment will come when you realise that you cannot mix God and false worship together. No one may see through your mind to know if you are truly worshipping God BUT remember, GOD SEES THROUGH EVERY HUMAN’S HEART!

It is a shame to the gospel of Christ when you cannot stand for what you call yourself. If you are a Christian, then make sure you are. If you are a false Christian, then ensure you remain like that. You reproach God when your lifestyle is not in accordance with the image of Christ.

Only God can judge. He alone has the power to give you many chances of coming back to Him. He loves you. He cares for you even more than you ever imagine. He does not want you to keep living your life carelessly as if you are the owner of it.

And that’s why He is sending you this message. He wants you to be sincere in your worship of Him. He cares about the hymns and songs of love you sing to Him. He wants to experience the genuineness of your love for Him. Flee from the rules of worship that ordinary men set out.

You alone stand before God when you open your mouth to worship Him. You alone have one heart that God sees as you praise Him. And for this reason, you must rearrange your life and be honest with your Maker.

What are you looking for elsewhere that you cannot find in God? What happened to the love you confessed, tearfully to God that you have for Him? How far have your gone from your honesty with God? Have you lost your true Christian Faith?

Please set a day with God and reconcile with Him. It is never too late. He is not just God of second chance. He is God of many chances.