Your Tongue: Your Downfall?

You cannot talk without your tongue. It helps you to express yourself as well as eat, drink, and breath. Once the tongue is taken off, you lose total control of your body, and you will need assistance to get things done until you can start all over again. The same tongue is vital for yourContinue reading “Your Tongue: Your Downfall?”

Those You Meet

Our actions determine the outcome of our conversation with people who want to know whether we are genuine Christians. Our undertakings can either be public or private. What becomes important is the context behind what we do, to whom, and why. We must have heard about how actions speak louder than voices. What if partContinue reading “Those You Meet”

What is the Right Decision?

I heard it is better to stay put and confront the person with whom you have issues. However, I say it is better to walk away. Doing so does not make you weak. Instead, it depicts your godly wisdom. Anger is good when it is express in the right way and at the right time.Continue reading “What is the Right Decision?”

The Power of Obedience

When they instruct you to stay at home, then you must stay at home. Obedience saves lives, but disobedience leads the rebellious Christians to their untimely death. God’s instructions include obeying the authorities irrespective of how bad they are. It is not our duties to fail to follow them simply because they have been unableContinue reading “The Power of Obedience”

Get Over It !

How do people get along in a crowded house without stepping on to one another’s feet? How do mothers keep calm when they are stuck with their little children in their home for days? What did spouses do to contain their anger? Everyone has a right to get angry. However, no one has the powerContinue reading “Get Over It !”

Those Who Have No Control (2)

There are two categories of residents in any country: (1) those with homes, and (2) those WITHOUT homes. We call them the “homeless”. While we are worried about the length of days we are going to spend in confinement, do we ever take a second to think about these homeless people who have nowhere toContinue reading “Those Who Have No Control (2)”

The Evil Called Social Distancing

Already with increased globalisation, Individualism has overtaken collectivism. The more the availability of eased online social platforms, the more we see people locking up themselves, individually in their virtual world where they only control their existence. Sadly, the current Coronavirus help create an intense aspect of the individualism, which is, Social Distancing (SD). I understandContinue reading “The Evil Called Social Distancing”

The One at the Backstage (2)

Be mindful of other people’s feelings. Take time to listen to others when you are in front of them or listening to them over the telephone. Be on your guard when someone is telling you what is disturbing them. The job of the protector is as described in the book of James 1:19. The ChristianContinue reading “The One at the Backstage (2)”