Month: October 2009

He is the only ONE you can live for

“He it is who gave himself for us that He might redeem us from all iniquity and purity for Himself a people of His own who are zealous for good deeds” Titus 2:14

Have you ever thought of what would have happened to us if Jesus Christ hasn’t come to with salvation? I tried to imagine and discovered that we would still be busy making lots of bloody sacrifices in the form of goats, chickens, cows and many more unto God on various altars positioned everywhere.

Again, I bet there will be still chaos more than now as no one has salvation, which means corruptions of the highest orders would have been everywhere, then we would have the synagogues where the leaders will have no mercy whatsoever of anybody disobeying the law.

I mean without God sending His lovely begotten Son, Jesus Christ, none of us would know what salvation is about and we would have been totally in darkness.

BUT thank God for His unfailing love! Praise God for His undiluted mercy! Worship God for many are His doings that no man can discern!

God loves us so much that His love for us still remains inexplicable! He redeems us from the power of darkness, bringing us into the Light, to make us His own people. Imagine God leaving behind all His splendours and descending unto the earth to give Himself for us all, once and for all, so that we are give the privilege to become His own people?

I want you to fully understand this and praise God today. Without God intervention for our salvation, believe me, we would have been doomed. Hence the need for you and I to think thoroughly about this and worship God because without Him, I don’t think you and I will have the taste of true Christianity.

Praise God forever!


Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved

Get into this pleasant Habit!

“Make a joyful noise to God, all the earth; sing the glory of His name; give to Him glorious praise.” Psalm 66:1-2

I love praising God, and He loves blessing me! Does my confession make any sense to you?

God loves us to praise Him and He enjoys it when we wholeheartedly praise Him without any motive behind it. When you praise God, you not only acknowledge his presence or His existence but you are also showing to Him that you are indeed grateful for everything He did, He is doing and He will do in your life.

Why not push aside your worries for today and praise God instead? Then watch how Gow will work on your behalf!


Princess Ayelotan
(c) 2009 All Rights Reserved

Please, Do Not Neglect your Children

“If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it owuld be better for you if a great milestone were fastened around your neck and you were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Matthew 18:6

In this chapter, Jesus uses children as example of those who are qualify to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. He uses children because of their humility, their innocence to issue of life, and their willingness to forgive at all time irrespective of the circumstances.

Apart from these, in the above verse, Jesus Christ makes it clear about the need to train our children in the way of the Lord. You as a Christian is not the only one qualify to go to church, to read the Bible, to sing hymns, to pray and to worship God.

Your children have the right to knowing God and it is your profound duty to ensure that these little ones of yours know everything about God and His existences.

It’s so saddening seeing how many parents here don’t even bother about putting their children in the way of God. On Sundays when one is expected in the house of the Lord, many parents prefer to go to cineman, the bar, the amusements parks, parties, or even stores with their children.

Many Children today do not even know how to pray. They have no idea who is Jesus Christ. In fact, majority of them don’t believe God exists because they learnt the false declarations about God from their parents and thus, they too stick to it.

Jesus Christ is not only warning but in the above verse but places damnation on such parents who have not make it their priority to teach their children the way of the Lord.

What are your roles as parent? Why do you think God gives you that child you are holding in your hands? Why do you think you are blessed with so wonderful numbers of children?

You have the ultimate responsibility to lead your children to God!

Please do not enter into trouble by not teaching your children the way of the Lord. Tell thel about God. Teach them the unfailing love of God. Pray with them. Take them to church. Tell them about the law of the Lord as well as read daily the word of God with them.

Do not be so busy with your private activities that you neglect this important spiritual part of your children’s lives so you will not be blame in the time to come.

May God help you as parent to direct your children properly in His way and in His word in Jesus mighty name, amen.


Princess Ayelotan
(c) 2009 All Rights Reserved

You don’t have to continue this ugly way

“You must understand this, my beloved: let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger; for your anger does not produce God’s righteousness.” James 1:19-20

They say you have every right to anger and you reply that ‘yes,’ that anger lies in your bosom. So then what are you? A fool?

How do you think the righteousness of God will abide in you and produce forth greater works when you are so filled up with anger inside of you? In what way will you be able to manifest your Christ-like image when you don’t know how to keep your mouth shut in certain situations?

I keep saying this, to be a real Christian is not all about praying or frequenting church with great enthusiasm. Christianity starts from you, the believer, and what people sees as Christianity in you is your attitude, your behaviours, your character and of course the way you deal with people.

If you are fond of talking anyhow, or jumping rudely into other people’s discussion or private affair, then you are not yet fully a true Christian even if you think you are.

A true Christian is a child of God. He carries the image and character of God. He loves to obey whatever instruction God lays down for him in the Bible. And he is very conscious of what comes out of his mouth.

Do not fall into the habit to speaking out your mind even if you are on the right track. Wait, try to listen so hard, fast, deeper to others, and to what you hear. When it comes to fretting your anger, please, I implore you, do it wisely.

It does not do you any favour when through your anger you show the ugly side of you by throwing furniture against each other, or slapping or attacking others with verbal abuses.

It is not difficult to change your way if you are in this categories. All you need to do is pray to God, ask the Holy Ghost to help you to change your character, your bad habit and give you the Christ-like character. God answers prayer and He is willing to do this for your if only you just pray.


Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved

The difference between You and a Miser

“Teach those who are rich in this world not to be proud and not to trust in their money, which is so unreliable. Their trust should be in God, who richly gives us all we need for our enjoyment.” 1 Timothy 6:17

When you hear the word ‘money’, I bet your heart will rise slightly, and that is if this is proposed to you. The image of being giving large amount of money is enough to create crazy mental pictures in your mind and if you are not careful, it will stay there all the days, disturbing you, in fact, getting to the point of you being tormented without you realising this.

Money is good! Wealth is inviting! And to be rich is a blessing! BUT what happened when your wealth becomes your ultimate priority? What are you inviting when you depend all your entire life on your riches?

As much as your riches can get you what you want, as swift as your credit card can order that groceries, that cars, that flight tickets, that bottles of wines, those flamboyant clothes, you must understand that everything you have is limited.

Trusting your wealth to carry you through the journey of life is merely stupidity and common foolishness made by men. The Bible makes us to understand that the heart of man is fully corrupted, who can discern it? It simply means to the extent that men can go or do or react when the issue of money comes. Men don’t care about any other thing when referring to riches.

The love of money, the desire to satisfy your lust, your needs, your egos and what else, have become the do-or-die affair among men these days.

That you are rich does not mean you have every right to make life miserable for others. That you have all you need in your life and you are comfortable does not give you the authorisation to treat those around you with contempt.

God gives you your wealth so that others can benefit from you. There is no need becoming a miser just because you want to conserve all that you have for yourself and for your family members.

You know what? Wealth is like wind. It comes and goes. It doesn’t stay in one particular place for long. The only wealth that last, is one that God is the author and the founder of it.

If your wealth is based and established on God’s foundation, then you have what I called durable wealth. Such riches can never dry no matter the circumstances you face.

And when you are in this position, please, I implore you, share what you have with others. Don’t think they are bothering you when they come to you for help. they are likely to go elsewhere to get what they want but they prefer to come to you because they believe that you will be of help.

Why not be tremendous blessings to others with your riches? Why not make it your duty to serve God with all you have. Why not start today by trusting God for more supplies for your life instead of trusting on your wealth?

I pray you listen.


Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved

Watch Out! The Dead Trap is here!

“Now the Holy Spirit tells us clearly that in the last times some will turn away from the true faith; they will follow deceptive spirits and teachings that come from demons.”1 Timothy 4:1

What the Bible predicted long ago is becoming clear and out there. Today, there are so many church, many organisation and lots of groups that are out there who proclaim another style of Christianity. There doctrine is not the same and not in alliance with the Word of God.

Most of these groups claim they are miracles workers and they have succeeded in deceiving thousands of people to follow them. It’s like when someone is dying of sickness and the person hears there is solution somewhere; of course, this person will jump at it.

This gives the false churches the power to operate even using the name of Jesus Christ without any remorse.

That you are a Christian does not mean you are free from this. In fact, you are likely to be the main target of one of these false churches. So you must watch out.

You need the Holy Ghost of God to help you discern so that you will know that which is true and not fall into the temptation of these.

Live your Christian life well rooted and established in the word of God and in the presence of the Holy Ghost abiding in you. That is the only way you can escape being trapped by these false churches that are everywhere even in the forms that you don’t expect they will be.

So please, watch out!


Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved

Am I worthy of having my own family?

“But those who won’t care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers.” – 1 Timothy 5:8

I can’t believe seeing the number of people who talk extensively about having a family to their own. In fact, there are lots and lots of them. When you stay near one of these people and hear how much they speak about their desire, which is to have kids, and marry, you will think, they are already fully prepared and ready for the task.

It is so sad that in spite of these people’s strong willingness to have their own family, they are not up to the task. Imagine having that family and not be able to cater for them at the end?

Having a family of your own is great and in fact, I am one of those who encourage this, but you need to understand that if you are not 100% prepared for such, then I advise you not to dive into it.

If you long to have your own family, which is get married to the one you love, then start raising children together, and you end up not catering for them, then you are a failure!

God is not ready to see you abandoning your family when they need you most. Look at that verse again, it states that if you don’t care for your relatives, that is your family, and then you have denied the true faith, which is your confession as a Christian who is Christ-like image.
Apart from this, the bible makes us to understand that you are worse off than ordinary believers. Does this makes any sense to you?

Please, I implore you; DO NOT neglect your family. Be ready and up to the task of facing your role in the house and assuming your responsibilities.

Do not be a nonentity. It does not pay. It is a sin unto God when you fail in your duty by
abandoning your role in your house.
I repeat, if you are not capable of raising your own family, then DO NOT dive into it. Wait until you are ready before you do it so that you won’t lose your salvation and be sinning against God.
May God help you, amen.
Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved

His Unfailing Mysteries!!!!!!!

“Without any doubt, the mystery of our religion is great: He was revealed in Flesh, vindicated in spirit, seen by angels, proclaimed among Gentiles, believed in throughout the world, taken up in glory.” 1Timothy 3:16

Honestly, there is absolutely no doubt that Christianity is a mystery. The life of Jesus Christ while on earth was filled with so much mysteries to such that many people must have wondered a lot, asking among themselves questions like ‘who is this man? How is he able to heal this person or change the situation? Where is he from?’

These questions, I bet are so many and up till today, many people still marvel at Jesus Christ and His ministry. This is normal and great to know because no matter how they try to reveal the work of God, they will merely find the surface.

This is true because God’s ways are full of wonders, of mysteries that no man can truly understand. And this is the best as it shows how different we all as human are from God. Yes, we have God’s image and His power within us and that is the Holy Spirit BUT we must also not forget that we are mere mortal.

To God be all the glories for many are His wonders and mysteries that no man can be able to explain!

Look at the above verse of Timothy; he was referring to God coming to us in the image of His son, Jesus Christ. In the verse, Timothy made us to understand how God revealed Himself in

Flesh by being born unto this world, yet He (God) lives in the spirit, showing His uniqueness, and His sovereignty.

The angels proclaimed God’s present in our midst when Jesus came out of the water after being baptised by John the Baptist, and everybody around saw the glory of God, announcing His presence. By thousands of miracles done while Jesus Christ lives on earth, many Gentiles came to know God, to believe in His existence. Lots and lots of sicknesses were healed, the dead rose to live, the demonic captives were released under God’s command!

And finally, Christ died once and for all, for all of us, BUT he didn’t end it there! On the third day, He ROSE from the dead thereby DEFEATING death! Isn’t that amazing to learn!

To crown it all, Jesus Christ is seen by many of His disciples after His resurrection before He ascended unto Heaven, taken up in Glory!

So great to learn of God’s love for mankind! So many a blessings for all to know that God is indeed the; I AM THAT I AM!

Won’t you stand this moment to reflect and praise God for many are His love as well as His unfailing mysteries!


Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved

How ‘Beautiful’ are you?

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the messenger who announces peace, who brings good news, who announces salvation, who says to Zion, “Your God reigns.” Isaiah 52:7

The Christian is expected to be Jesus Christ’s representative on earth, showing to the entire world and the gentiles all about the love of God. Christians are not call to just read their Bible, pray or attend church when they days are required.

Being Christ-like, it takes the life of a believer to show to his world that he is indeed the child of God, that he carries the image of Christ and that he is willing to tell everybody he comes across the love of God.

It is not just preaching the word of God to people by carrying the Bible, and talking to unbelievers. Spreading the word of God, talking about Jesus Christ and discussing the presence of the Holy Spirit can be through your normal daily interaction with your world.

By sharing your personal testimonies in live with someone in your office is enough to cause that person to receiving Christ into his life. By being kind and offering helping hands to the needy is sufficient for these people to follow Christ because of you.

Spread the word of God by being a peace maker and not a trouble creator wherever you are.

Always be a carrier of great and good news. Offer to be of invaluable help to anyone without you having a rethink.

Make everybody that has encounter with you know that indeed, Jesus Christ is the author and the finisher of your faith. Let the praise God for your life as they see the impact of the presence of the Holy Ghost in your life.

Please do not avoid showing to the world that you are a true Christian irrespective of the circumstances you may found yourself. Prove to them that Christ lives forever in you.

Make the kingdom of God increase abundantly through you and not decrease through your foolishness.


Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved


“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105

When I was very young, this verse is so popular at our Sunday school. It’s so easy for a child to recite this off head. Then, I had no idea really of the meaning behind the verse.

All I was happy doing then was to recite it with excitement. Later on, I came to understand the divine power of this verse.

God’s word and his instruction form the reason for this verse. As Christian, you need the word of God in everything you do and in every decision you make in your endeavours.

The word of God is stronger and powerful than any two-edged sword. The word of God takes you farther than your human wisdom. It is the word of God that directs your path so that you won’t make mistake or irreversible errors.

So are you making God’s word a lamp unto you feet or are you still in doubt about doing this? Your Christianity will never be complete or stable without the establishment of God’s word in your life. So do not wait anymore.

Get God’s word and start practising the divine laws in it as you make your daily decision.
God be with you, amen.


Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved