Whose Voice are You Hearing?

Most of the irreversible mistakes I have made in my life were the result of listening to the people around me. There were a number of people who offered me their voices, and I believe they sounded supportive of those moments. During these times, life dealt me a series of punches. Like me, there may be times when we all run into those ‘moments’ in our lives when nothing else seems to work out. Our vulnerability to other people’s voices is at its highest during these times.
There is no doubt that some of these voices are offering positive vibes, but have we ever wondered whether those individuals who are showing their support are not dealing with personal difficulties?
There is also the question of how we can be certain that these supportive voices are indeed what we believe them to be. Could they be giving us advice out of jealousy with the intention of causing us more harm? Do they appear to be genuine and have no ulterior motives behind them? Are they free of any ill-intentions?
Taking into account all of the above is sufficient to show us why we should embrace the power of listening to our intuition. In many cases, the latter is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, who is always speaking to us. The problem lies in the fact that we are not paying attention. The ability to listen to God’s voice under any circumstances must be trained. Until we listen to Him, we will continue to have a problem. As we go through life, I pray that we will be guided by the strong voice of Jehovah, and that He will teach us to turn first to Him before making any decisions in our lives.

Beautiful Road towards Nonstop Breakthroughs

It costs nothing to pray, but it costs a lot when one does not pray. The power-release from persistent prayers is sufficient to prevent any unseen or visible problems. A Christian who is sluggish in regards to the spiritual things of God is a Christian exposed to all kinds of spiritual attacks. It is not enough to call one a Christian and not follow the rudiment codes of Christ. The Lord prayed ceaselessly while on earth, enabling Him to overcome. And He overcame. This Ephesians 6:12 has said it all. The Christian life is a life of continuity in a spiritual pathway with Jehovah, day in and day out, and every second of the day is to be alerted. The Invisibles are more than the visible.

Understanding Jehovah’s Love for us.

Everyone knows a rod (widely known as a cane) is used for support, stability, and prevention from falling over. Symbolically, a rod signifies a tool for discipleship, which entails the need for discipline. Jehovah’s rod protects the righteous from going astray, just like the shepherd looks after his sheep, counting them at the end of the day to be sure none is missing. When a sheep goes astray, the shepherd will set himself and his dog after the missing one until they find it, whether alive or falling into a predator’s trap. Similarly, the children without parents discipline are heading for future destruction. God deals with us in this way and more than we can ever imagine. He uses His rod to punish up so we don’t repeat the same mistake. Likewise, in the moments of suffering, His staff comforts us. No man can offer to us the kind of comfort we need except Jehovah’s because He alone understand every one of us.

Rahab’s type of Faith

Rahab’s story shows God’s impartiality when dealing with people. But that’s another topic for another day. This post is about Rahab’s faith. Hers is a type of faith that requires making an effort, and that she did when she hid those spies. The house of a person considered indecent is a perfect place for the soldiers to dig out their suspect, and that would have been the fate of these Hebrew spies. However, Rahab was a wise woman. She had already heard that the Israelites conquered all the territories they wanted, even fighting to get them, and when she saw those spies, she knew her life depended on her reaction to them. At that point, there was nothing on the horizon to suggest the Israelites were taking over the city. Yet she has faith that this is going to be the case.

Consequently, she switched her faith into action by agreeing to conceal the spies. That saved hers and her family members’ lives. That faith still operates in our current situation. If we don’t put our efforts, dreams, inspirations, and desires into works, our faith remains stagnant. A student who fails to study hard will fail woefully. There is no shortcut to success, and those who have climbed the ladders of success can tell the stories of how they laboured so hard. One can see durable wealth when it remains despite the passing years. Likewise, it is not surprising that many businesses are no longer in vogue because they do not have a solid foundation. Rahab’s type of faith demands establishing a solid foundation through devoted, sincere hard work and not through dubious fast track efforts that cannot pass the test of time. May God build up in our lives the faith of Rahab that will propel us into actions that will produce the respective achievements we desire.

Who Determines Who lives or not?

More profound reflections of events around us are sufficient proof signalling life’s short term. No one holds the power keys to life and death except Jehovah. He decides when to open or close the life’s chapter of any individual. Acknowledging this helps to see the danger of taking life for granted. No one is a master of their destiny. Each life can upturn any time, and so, it is vital living each day cautiously void of sin.

Defining the Perfect Friendship

After the pandemic, many people told me they realised they did not have any friends at all. It was not as if they never had any, but during the successive lockdown, many things about them and their friends came to the surface that they did not know existed before. It was like opening up the Pandora box at the wrong time. This happened to me, too. Perhaps you also had similar experiences. The point is, maybe we have asked for too much from our friendship with others than we ought to. If we can only avoid putting our trust in people and shift it all on Jehovah, we will not be disappointed. We can still have our friends, but we must not expect them to do anything or everything for us because they, too, are humans. Christ is the sole portrait of perfect friendship.

The End of Dislocated Societies?

Presently, many issues are affecting our societies. First is the COVID-19, which brings irreparable divisions and conflicts between the vaccinated and non-vaccinated. Second, the debates about Woke culture. The recent Peter Dinklage’s confrontation of the Disneyland Snow White film exposes hidden abuse of other people long considered abnormal within our societies. Those with Achondroplasia did not choose to be as they are, and it takes only one man to step up before a large organisation can recognise the human rights abuse. That ought not to be so. Other non-exhausted issues include hate speech, intolerance, racism and elevated levels of self-cantered. What is Christian love if we have difficulty accepting others as they are? What are our reactions when we come in contact with those with disabilities? How better can we define our relationship with Christ when we fail to acknowledge that we are part of those people who help through our unacceptable actions and characters in establishing our present-day dislocated societies?

The Mighty Ones

God’s angels are with us. We see some, but we don’t know they are Jehovah’s. We don’t see some because we are not allowed to, yet they know us all. These angels are the busiest because they must carry out each of God’s commands, such as protecting, safeguarding, guiding, carrying goodwill or even dishing out punishment. However, many Christians fail to acknowledge their presence because they don’t consider their importance. That is a terrible mistake! There are lots of deliverance stories in the Bible where angels intervened. Have you ever wondered how you escaped from a
dangerous situation? Well, God’s angel is at work. Sometimes the Lord either watches over us Himself or order His angel to do the job. We are not Worshipping angels when we acknowledge them. Instead, we are honouring Jesus. They are His “mighty ones” powerful than us, and a better example is Jacob, who wrestled with an angel throughout the night and dislocated his hip in the process.

May He open our eyes to see them in Jesus name.

The Real Face of Sin

This passage of the Gospel of Mark is part of a work-in-progress in a theological research study. The entire story of the demon-possessed boy’s deliverance is from Mark 9-14:29. And it is one of the most challenging cases the Lord handled. This spirit refused to leave the boy but to destroy him. Even the disciples failed to cast it out. It was after Jesus returned from the transfiguration on the higher mountain that He came face-to-face with the church leaders arguing with the disciples and the boy’s father. The latter could not imagine that Jesus’ disciples are incapable of healing his son. But understand, the storyline reveals the undeniable power of our Lord Jesus Christ over any power. The demon pretended to be mute when it was not. And it was trying everything to make sure the boy died. But why would this spirit bend on destroying the boy? Jesus’ statement while addressing the demonic spirit to come out and “never enter him again” is probably an indication of sin. It is either the boy or his father who had committed a wrongdoing. The only way to deal forever with an evil spirit is to live a sin-free life. Suppose that boy or his father went back to commit the same sin that brought in the demon, then it is likely to come back, and this time it will ensure it kills the boy. Any Christian who thinks they can continue to sin in secret even after reaffirming their faith in God is paving the way to return troubles into their lives. Sin offers nothing but destruction.

The Mighty Power of the Cross

Any fathers expect that their children to follow in their footsteps. And the children hope that their fathers recognise them and their needs. Any child is happy when recognised for their labour. In the above verse, Judas Iscariot was preparing to betray Jesus, who knew already the end was here. At this point, before he stood up, there was that sudden recognition of His father’s love for Him.

In Christ’s Shield

From generation to generation, the most vulnerable people bear the brunt of injustice. Domestic violence against women exists before the global Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is exacerbated beyond disproportionate numbers. In addition, in most places, children and the elderly are experiencing all forms of oppression fleshed out in poverty, famine, drought, lack of primary health care and needs, and many more. Many are asking where is Jehovah in all these. The answer is He is forever present, even when it seems not to be the case. God knows our current generation more than we do. He knows the deception beneath every act of governance and in all sectors. Today, inequalities are now the order of the day because of the need for the dominant groups to continue to maintain their upper position. They utilise all tactics to suppress others rights, such as compulsory vaccinations, higher taxes, expensive educational fees and more. Despite all, the true believers continue to find shelter under the Lord’s wings because He keeps His promises of seeing us through all kinds of situations no matter what or how. Having that assurance in Christ is enough to know that we will always be protected.

How to Finish Well

Well, 2021 is gone. Its chapter is closed forever, never to return. Today begins a fresh start to another twelve months journey that is unpredictable by humans. One can only speculate about how this year will be, but Jehovah alone knows its beginning to the end. Hence, I encourage you to stay focused on Jesus Christ throughout this journey. It is easier to sink into the deep water if you lift your eyes from looking at the saviour. You need to maintain a guard against the fountain of your heart, spirit, soul and body. Temptations and unprecedented events may surface; however, it is upholding faith in the Almighty that you become an overcomer. Therefore, please stay strong, attentive and be courageous. No matter how much you experienced last year, trust that this year will be your year of breakthrough. Do not give up. Do not back down while at the door of success. Do not retire from pursuing your dreams. Fight. Faith. Stay and be bold in the face of adversities.
May you finish this year beautifully.

What Can You Change?

Someone once asked me why I placed so much of my thoughts on a recent event as if I could change it. He was right as I did not realise I’d dwell too much on this issue. Everyone finds themselves in such a position where we want to turn back the hands of the clocks and reverse any unpleasant experience. But can we change it? If not, why worry when we can put all our anxieties at the feet of Jesus, allowing Him to take control? I love the above Philippians verse because it sums up the direct gateway to redemption. We cast aside our worries. Instead, we pray to the Father in Jesus name by telling Him what we want and ends it with the thanksgiving of faith, believing that it is done. So simple, right?

May the Lord Gives You Peace

Are you fed up with so many life’s events? Are you worried sick of many personal issues affecting your mind, soul and body? Are you concerned about a friend, a child? or someone else? Whatever is bothering you, I say to you today by the authority given to me that the Almighty Jehovah, the Supernaturally Incomparable God, gives you peace that surpasses all human understanding in Jesus name, AMEN.