Why Do You Keep Holding On To It? 

I do not know a Christian who has never offended someone and he himself, has never hurt a person. Likewise, I am yet to meet a fellow of Christ who is incapable of forgiving.  Retaliation is that tiny invincible trifle, which when acted upon, often left behind many long years of regrets.  Jesus Christ didContinue reading “Why Do You Keep Holding On To It? “

When We Are Christians 

…excerpt from a book … Who is a Christian? The one who prayed for calamity for his neighbour when the latter’s children threw their ball at his window and broke the glass ? Or the one who calmly accepted apologies and the offer from his remorseful neighbour to repair the broken window? 

How Prayer Goes Through The Fire 

Life is hard. People are complicated. But God is neither hard nor complicated. There is no such thing as living in the dark side of life forever when one is completely integrated with the Almighty. The present day makes it such that there is nothing like the colour in between. It is either white orContinue reading “How Prayer Goes Through The Fire “