Month: May 2016

Rocky, rocky

“Other seed fell among rocks. It began to grow, but the plant soon wilted and died for lack of moisture.”

Luke 8:6 NLT

     The trouble with having a stagnated life is much more complicated than anyone can imagine. Things stop moving as expected. Life becomes boring and empty. Everyone just about you becomes the perfect target to blame. Above all, you feel trapped. At that level of stagnation, prayer and praises have no different meaning because they have turned into routinely procedures. 

How do you recognise a stagnated Christian? Here is how – for five months he is with God and everyone knows his as a Christian. For the following seven months, he is with the world, and he does the things about the world. In other words, he is a Christian, who travels and comes back to the Lord at anytime he wants. He prays and read the Bible when he remembers to act so. His Bible has accumulated tons of dust over the course of the times he never bothered to read it. Even his electronic Bible app was not opened for months. 

 The problem with this is that such a Christian whose life is stagnated cannot see beyond the actual minute. He cannot learn new things from God, and he will invariably miss out from hearing the messages of the Holy Spirit. When he reads the Bible, he repeatedly reads the identical chapters and verses all over once more. He will pray the alike types of prayers as much as he wishes. He continues to see God all the time with the exact mental images of the Lord he made long ago. It is no wonder such Christian is a rocky, rocky one; always unstable and insecure. 

This is why as Christian, you need the daily renewal of your mind so that you can experience the freshness of the Holy Ghost. The more you remove the old clothes of fellowship and put on the new ones, the closer you become to God. Think about Jesus and how He would proceed back to His Father in the solo times to regain and refresh the anointing. This is very significant. Hence, I pray you, do not allow stagnation in your relationship with God. It is unsafe and will draw you away from all the blessings and divine protection.

Why Do Christians Lie? 

Then they will be condemned for enjoying evil rather than believing the truth.” 2 Thessalonians 2:12 NLT

My phone got damaged some time ago. I was out of contact for days, where it seemed that I was lost to the outside world. 

Thanks to my AppleCare+ subscription that I did pay for the same day I purchased the phone. I was gifted a new phone without even paying up to 100 euros. Even so, days later, I recalled I had insurance for electronic gadgets, just in cases like this. Apple had given me a new phone because of the insurance I paid previously. Hence, I felt my second insurance ought to pay me, too. After all, it’s my money.  So I phoned my bank, and they linked me with the insurance company. 

When I went through, the insurer asked me several details, which were so long that I ended up believing I was being interrogated. On his question about how did the phone fall; I responded to it fell by itself from the duplex to the ground floor. I lied. The further he tried to generate more words out of me, the further I maintained my statements. 

At the conclusion, he announced the unexpected. No reimbursement. They cannot take up that charges. I became mad with myself. I was very angry with them. I spent the following few minutes preoccupied with the discussion I had earlier on. I resolved to cancel my subscription with the insurance company because, in my head, they have failed me. 

After a prolonged period of time, the Spirit of God began to deal with me as He revealed the dark side of me. He reproached me. I was ashamed. Out of my greedy need to receive a new second phone or maybe some money that I felt I should have; I lied to the insurer. And I did that out of the fright that they will not believe me had it been I have told them how that phone smashed. Out of frustration of continuous poor network reception, I’d strike the telephone against the floor and watched as its part scattered in different directions. In any case, I ended up changing completely my network provider after this disastrous event. 

Still, my interaction with the insurer showed me how as human beings and as Christians, we are susceptible to forgetting our connection with the Almighty when we are faced with situations that can test whether we are truly His children. 

Why did I lie about that? I was frightened of telling the man how it happened because I thought he would have ended up telling me to see a psychiatrist to cross check whether I am not insane for my excessive anger that cost me my phone. Did I regret lying? Absolutely! I know who I am. I have not forgotten I am a child of God, and I am not supposed to lie. Do I acknowledge that I am still a human being despite my fellowship with Christ? Oh sure! The incident exposed and revealed to me my own vulnerability. 

Irrespective, I cannot desire to continue to walk in favor and at the same time heed to the power of the flesh. In all, the Spirit of God prevails by the name of truth. I don’t want to be condemned! May God help me. 

Sister Patience 

They weep as they go to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest.”

Psalms 126:6 NLT 

A few days ago, I planted corn, beans, carrots and watermelon seeds. Every day I look into the grounds with such excitement as if I expected to see their real crops. I knew I needed to wait few months ahead, and that I must water them as much as required otherwise, they will die.

Faith is such a tremendous step to believing the Lord for a miracle. On the opposite side, this Faith requires a sister for it to bend into a reality. Her name is Patience. No gain without waiting. 

When you ask God for something, whether you want Him to heal you or anyone close to you, or for a perfect intervention; if you do not believe Him enough to help you out, then you do not receive the answer. You cannot pray to Jehovah in one moment and in the next, you are skeptical about whether He will help or not. 

Another side to this is the reality that you become what you imagined. Life is a magnet; what you draw for you is what you really get. It, too, is about faith. It may appear as disguised, but it is indeed. You need to call for yourself what it is you want from life, whom you desire to be, to which level do you wish to go. If you could construct pretty positive images of the next- you, afterwards you are set to the best that life will offer you. Still, if all you can visualize entails gloomy mental pictures, next do not blame Mother Earth when things are not going well for you. Unconsciously, you are the one who germinated the present you, and you created this via your mental imagery. 

Perhaps, don’t you think it’s time to recreate a good image of the real person you want to be??

Spring Cleaning 

“How can I know all the sins lurking in my heart? Cleanse me from these hidden faults.”‭‭Psalms‬ ‭19:12‬ ‭NLT‬

We set out to engage in the task of complete house cleaning as soon as the Spring season arrives. We turn upside down every nook of the carpets, clean up the window sills, shakes off the dust from the cushion chairs, remove the winter heavy curtains and replace it with lighter, brighter ones. Afterward, we set about planting flowers and fruits. 

In similar manner, a Christian requires seasonal purging. If we could expire to these extra lengths to prove the arrival of this floral period, why can’t we do the same thing over our spiritual life? 

Physical food is for the stomach just as prayer is a spiritual food. Nevertheless, FASTING is a vital component of extreme spiritual cleansing. A Christian must engage in occasional fasting; to consecrate a solid day, at least once a week, to renew his loyalty to God and to hear more from Him. Fasting does more than thorough purging. It prevents the heart from backsliding. Supplicant is an everyday and most importantly, every moment ritual. Even so, fasting is powerful than prayer. To many, fasting may seem like an accompanying service that backs up our petition. It is indeed the opposite. During His early mission, Jesus fasted forty days and nights to purge His body, and be ready in the macrocosm. Many powerful men in the Bible fasted ahead of their service. 

Let every devoted Christian comes forward and signs up to a once-a-week divine cleansing through fasting. It is a MUST. 

When The World Is Calling 

Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” (‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:2‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

These days, it is possible to tell someone you’re in London when in actual fact you are in Brisbane. This they will never know. Nevertheless, God is omnipresent. He knows where you were a few minutes ago, where you are at present and the next place you are going. You cannot conceal from Him. Jonah tried and failed miserably. Gideon tested the Lord, so hard because he supposed he could avoid the divine mission. Still he failed. Moses, too, tested Jehovah. How many of them do I relate here? Being in accordance with the Lord entails total commitment to obeying God’s commandments. It is not a mistake that it is written in the Bible to choose this day whom you will serve. In other words, you are handed a choice; the free will to decide. No, because no one can force you. Not even God himself. When Eve fell into temptation, she went down alone. She was free and she gave to the gut of the serpent. When Adam joined her, he bore the ultimate choice to reject her offer (after all, we can see from today’s men how they are tuned to walk away from their homes). Adam was a man. He had senses but he did not pause to consider. I mean he could have insisted on being given the time to think it through. Choices are the freedom to either heed to a simple yes or no. It is the power to make your life right or wrong. 

It is not compulsory to laugh to any kind of joke that is considered a dirty one. The fact that it is titled ‘dirty’ simply means it is and, as a lawful child of God, you are meant to deviate from such jokes. In fact, you are to flee and not join others in laughing to such. Have you ever imagined how Jesus was so busy doing the will of His Father that He did not have a single moment to play around? You do not need to use your leisure time aimlessly. There are beautiful things out there that you can engage in without sinning. 

As long as the earth exist, the Christian must understand that he is the one who must train himself to continually conform his life in all totality to God. 

Where Is Your Christ? 

When they look up, they saw no one except Jesus.” (Matthew 17:8)
What do you see first after a problem started? Who do you turn to at the onset to provide the important resolution? Jesus? Your spouse? Your friend? Your parent(s)?, your colleague(s), your pastor, your imam?, or a perfect stranger? 

The problem comes, the problem goes. Fear is an illusion; something that never comes from solidity. Breathe slowly and remember it is only temporary. In the opposite direction is Faith, which is a conception. It is a step-by-step process in the same manner a toddler learn his walks. 

At your trying moment, your first reaction and eventual action determine your level of relationship with God. If you were grounded in the ultimate fellowship with Christ and you recognized the everlasting presence of the Holy Ghost in your life, there would be no fear at all because you have the confidence that everything will be all right. You will not panic, scream or act confused. 

Learn to experience Christ in all areas of your life. See Him when you are happy; when you get up first thing in the morning and at bedtime; when you are taking in your three square meals; when you are ill and healthy; when you are lonely or in the midst of a crowd; when you are taking your daughter to the piano lessons. He is here now. Christ is always here with you. BUT you must learn to refocus your spiritual lens the appropriate position in order to see Him.