Month: September 2018

You Pray!

When everything else has gone wrong,

Prayer comes knocking.

It waits. Knocks. Waits.

Patience in the faces of adversities.

Embracing calmness even in the furnace.

Remember Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

They mastered the art of waiting.

They were undeterred

If God is indeed their Lord, He bears the capacity to save.

They believe. They trust. Above all, they pray.

Prayer may not be the simpler thing to do.

But the Lord is not seeking your perfection.

You pray anyhow you can and pass on the rest to Jehovah.

He knows exactly what you need.

You pray!

Our God of every moment

People who learn to show gratitude to others are often known as happy persons.

Being thankful implies being mindful of the exchanges in process.

To ignore the art of thankfulness can be read to mean many things. Some may consider us as arrogant if we failed to show appreciation for those help they render to us.

We are mindful of the next person the moment we let them know we are grateful to them. This is one way by which we unconsciously reverse the current situation to imagine ourselves in their shoes. We could be the ones providing for or giving to others.

Embracing Christ’s perfection involves recognising He is always with us no matter what we are struggling with. This awareness depicts the sense of appreciation for the divine.

To thank our Jehovah only in the good moments while we solely come to Him for help in the bad times is a wrong attitude.

As genuine Christian, we must be humble to thank God all the time irrespective of what is going on in our lives.

God must be omnipresent in our good and bad days. We don’t praise Him when all is okay and then comes crying to Him when life gets tough.

Put Jehovah Ahead

Devouted athletes will explain the enormous stress they went through. To become the best they have to invest lots of time into training..

In similar pattern , waiting for perfect weather in order to get out there to work, is a waste of time.

Jehovah simply encourages us not to worry about searching for perfect timing.