Heaven is Busy!

One of the reasons why Jehovah’s Kingdom is organised is because everyone is busy. Hardworking equals strict discipline and orderliness. The idle mind is an open door to troubles. Do God’s Angels have time to gossip? Absolutely not, because they are so bust ”listening for each of His commands”, and therefore, they do not haveContinue reading “Heaven is Busy!”

Can You Protect God?

When Jonathan went to war alongside his father and those soldiers, he went with two mission. The foremost is to protect his father, King Saul and the second is to ensure they win the wars to defend their kingdom. If the King died, the entire nation would be thrown out into turmoils until a suitableContinue reading “Can You Protect God?”

In this Time

Moments like these are when people exhibit their inner selves. A time like this period of a gradual global shift in terms of health issues, political and economic changes is a time that defines who one is right with or against. Tomorrow is March, and already 2020 started in bad shape with the CoV-19 andContinue reading “In this Time”

The Way of the Lord

Why does God spare the wicked to live longer than good people? Many à times we found ourselves questioning life’s existence each time we lost closed ones. They are not supposed to die when they do. Therefore, we are shocked by learning about their passing away. The truth is, God, alone, determines who should liveContinue reading “The Way of the Lord”

What A Christian Should Pray For (4)

Having babies is easy, but raising them is where the big job. Everyone wants to have babies because they feel they are toys. Parenting comes with taking full responsibility to nurture that child up to adulthood until you grow old and death do you all apart. They say, “Charity begins at home”, and I agree.Continue reading “What A Christian Should Pray For (4)”

What A Christian Should Pray For (3)

The likes of Amnon roam our streets, penetrate our lives as they are visible among us. The Amnon of our times which hardly see anything wrong in black being black and white being white. These Amnon of our time are the non-conformist who don’t understand why people go to church or pray to God becauseContinue reading “What A Christian Should Pray For (3)”

What A Christian Should Pray For (2)

Should we say God is unjust to have given Leah children and deprived Rachel who waited for fourteen years to become Jacob’s wife? The message behind the story is not just one but many; one of these is learning to love others genuinely rather than halfway. Jacob has the right to simply say no toContinue reading “What A Christian Should Pray For (2)”

What a Christian should Pray for (1)

Man: “Dear Lord, I thank you that I am far away from the zone of Cov-19.” 1st Woman: “Heavenly Father, thank you for that my mother-in-law is dead.” 2nd Woman: Sweet darling Jesus, please, drive lots of customers away from my neighbour’s shop and direct them to mine.” Have you ever heard people’s praying orContinue reading “What a Christian should Pray for (1)”

The One at the Backstage (3)

The first good thing about life is the to be alive, to breathe in fresh air, sleep nicely, and spend considerable time with our loved ones. The second good thing is the recognition of the price Christ paid to be there for us at all time. Many people do not recognise this that it wasContinue reading “The One at the Backstage (3)”

The One at the Backstage (2)

Be mindful of other people’s feelings. Take time to listen to others when you are in front of them or listening to them over the telephone. Be on your guard when someone is telling you what is disturbing them. The job of the protector is as described in the book of James 1:19. The ChristianContinue reading “The One at the Backstage (2)”

The One at the Backstage (1)

John is older than Jesus, and he was already in the ministry before the Lord started. Therefore, John could be said to be qualified and more experienced than Jesus. Instead, John possessed something that is by far more significant than anyone else in his time. Humility. It is a virtue that cannot be bought anywhere,Continue reading “The One at the Backstage (1)”

The Waiting Room

The disobedience of King Saul resonated in the Bible. However, his impatience cost him the crown. God is not fair, but, there are times it appears Jehovah has gone on a journey. At these periods, expectations can transform into desperation. Likewise, the waiting room becomes unbearable and too hot to sit in. Often, waiting onContinue reading “The Waiting Room”