At the ❤️ of Kindness

There is a stray cat in our garden. I have no idea how he (or she) got there. However, I can guess he is there because he must have seen my cat through the windows. Mine is an interior cat, while this stranger seems to have no home. To declare the cat does not haveContinue reading “At the ❤️ of Kindness”

God in the Meantime

Hello friend, Please, may I ask you the following? Are you overwhelmed by the present global crisis? Are you finding it challenging to handle your children or yourself? Can you get hold of your feelings, so they do not overrule you? Do you get into tears so quickly these days? Then you need God inContinue reading “God in the Meantime”

The One at the Backstage (3)

The first good thing about life is the to be alive, to breathe in fresh air, sleep nicely, and spend considerable time with our loved ones. The second good thing is the recognition of the price Christ paid to be there for us at all time. Many people do not recognise this that it wasContinue reading “The One at the Backstage (3)”