Month: September 2011

Too much of everything

‘For man’s anger does not promote the righteousness God [wishes and requires].’ James 1:20 (AMP Bible)

We just welcomed in a six-month old kitten and our seven-year old cat found it difficult to accept the new one. For days, it ran outside and only comes in to eat. This is a cat that is used to staying indoors and sharing our bed at times. However things changed all because of this new kitten.

Instead of us to come together, to sort out the best way to make peace between the two, we ended up confronting each other. We failed to come to term and it did not come too easy. I bet the cats must have stood afar or were listening to us from their hidden corners. We almost destroyed everything we’d worked for. We refused to listen to each other. We failed to agree. We, each, believed we are right while the other is wrong.

Days later we discovered the older cat returned home though maintaining some distances from the kitten. Life came back to normal. Then we sat down and retold our stories, trying to find out why we acted, angrily. We looked back, thinking of the consequences of what might have happened if we had not been able to control our anger. It ended well between us, because we acknowledged our faults and apologised to each other.

I cited this example because later during the following days as I reflected back to that small incident, I thought of how many people have allowed their emotions to ruin them. I thought of the level of destruction that anger brought into the lives of many happy couples. I thought of can happen what if these people had not given the chances to their feelings to rule them so that they were able to take charge of their situations.

There is no crime in getting angry. We are humans. We have feelings. We don’t just accept issues without us explaining why this or why that. We want to voice our thoughts. We believe that if those in our world pause to listen to us, it means we are being heard.

Too much of everything causes trouble, I mean, lots of trouble. Do we know that anger is so bad that it is capable of bringing us irreparable damages? Do we know that anger can lead us to losing our establish relationship with God? Do we know that we can turn around a failing situation if we can quickly repress our boiling anger?

Every time we feel the urge to explode, please let us remember the cross. Let us pause and think of the friendship that join us with the other person. Let us go out then and take a short walk in order to clear our heads before we return home to make peace. Let us always remember that God does not want us to lose what He has in store for us. He does not want us to be careless in our ways. He wants us to hold tight to our righteousness because our lives depend on it. Above all, let us masters the strong need for self-control.

May we not lose the kingdom of God as result of our uncontrollable anger in Jesus mighty name, amen.





Are you better off?

“As for the rich in this world, charge them not to be proud and arrogant and contemptuous of others, nor to set their hopes on uncertain riches, but on God, Who richly and ceaselessly provides us with everything for [our] enjoyment.” 1 Timothy 6:17 (AMP Bible)

A popular African proverb states that, ‘The world only knows a rich man.’ And to the best of my knowledge this is true.

Have you ever heard about the death of a common man? Were you ever being informed, in the newspaper, on the life of that destitute living by the roadside on your street? BUT you will be one of the first persons to know any recent events about the wealthy man living next door. You must have noticed how some of your church members are revered than the others and you would have known this is because of their affluent statues. The same goes for your colleagues and the people you rob shoulders with in your every-day life.

A man’s life, as far as our society is concerned, is defined by the amount of money he has in his pocket. However this is not the best. Must we respect some people more than the others because of their wealth?

God treats us, equally. He does not choose us based on our possessions. That some of us are better off than the others has nothing to do with the kingdom of God. We are one in God’s eyes. He loves us the way we are. He loves us individually and does not discriminate. His love for us is undivided irrespective of the level of education or the possession we’ve accumulated.

If we must flaunt our money then let us use it to help others. Use it wisely and not try to please everybody when you knew this is to your own discomfort. The best way is to help the orphanage, the homeless, the street children, the sick, the old ones, the handicaps, the mentally deranged and the poor parents. That a man is poor does not mean he should not work. God does not encourage laziness. In fact the Lord wants us to be hardworking and be productive.

It is a privilege to be rich. I encourage it because if we all are poor, how can we have a balanced society? How can we help one another?  Notwithstanding, putting our wealth first before God is a detriment to our salvation. The word of God warns us of the numerous dangers on this.

Let us not think that because we are rich that we are better off than the others. Let us not give pride and ego to destroy the sweet relationship we suppose to have with God. Let us not forget that Christianity is solely about equality and love.


That WOMAN in your life…who is she?

“Can a man take fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burned? Can one go upon hot coals and his feet not be burned?” (Proverbs 6: 27-28)

When Esau discovered that his twin brother had deceived him, he knew that Jacob couldn’t have succeeded in doing this alone. Esau knew his brother’s weakness. He knew Jacob got help from Rebecca, their mother. Esau was stronger while Jacob was soft and tender. Esau was a man of the field while Jacob preferred to stay close to home. Just like normal twins the differences between these two were very outstanding. However it was not mentioned anywhere in the bible that Esau confronted their mother after the ‘blessing’ incident. He knew he dared not attack Rebecca.

Sarah understood the power of divine covenant when she insisted that her son, Isaac, must be the heir and not Ishmael. To ensure Isaac attained this position, Sarah drove Hagar and her son away.

Hannah knew the abundance of blessing behind fulfilling one’s oaths. She did not hesitated to give Samuel away to God under the custody of Prophet Eli. It was a determined move that earned her other biological children.

The rich Shunammite woman failed to accept defeat on her son’s death when she saddled her horse, and went in search of Prophet Elisha. She trusted God and got her son back, alive.

Bathsheba fought non-stop to secure her son’s position on the throne of Israel. Without her fierce efforts in getting access to the old King David, other children from the other wives would have succeeded the dying king.

Why am I citing all these examples?

If you search the bible from Genesis through revelation you will discover amazing histories of warrior-mothers. You will gradually come to understand that that woman in your life, I mean your mother, is not just there to as the baby-machine that produced you.

If you have not come to accept that your mother is more that she is to you, or that she is bigger than the way you look at her, or that she is a phenomena then I implore you to start now. She is there because she’s the one chosen to bring you into this world.

One of my deepest observations about mothers emerged from watching the relationship among men and their mothers. Have you not noticed how attached they are? That a man is married does not mean he will forget his mother. Men are so attached to their mothers, to that point that they often have conflicts with their wives.

The way you treat your mother will result in the way your life will be. It does not matter if she’s the worse mother on earth. If does not matter if she is a drunk, a prostitute, a drug addict or whatever. It does not matter if she’s too hard on you. It is not your role to condemn her. You can flee from her. You can dislike her. You can call her a witch who is blocking your progress. You can abuse her. You can even beat her up.

BUT remember, life is all about this = WHAT GOES ROUND, COMES ROUND.’

Do not be shock when your children turn up as terrible criminals and send you to your earliest grave. There is no what if. The law of the Lord is clear and direct. In His ministry on earth, Jesus Christ never shouted on his mother. He never insulted her. He never hit her. He never looked down on her. Mary was there for him all the times.

Do not be a saint in your church and be a demon to your mother at home. Do not think you can be a renowned counsellor or a celebrity in your society while you are making life miserable for your mother. Do not be so ashamed of presenting your mother to your circle of friends and colleagues. Tell me, a pastor who told you that your mother is a witch and instructed you to run away from her, have you checked how the Pastor’s personal relationship is with his own mother?

For you to have peace with God, for you to have durable successes, for you to be the Christian that God has called you to be, for you to have your prayers answered without any hindrances, for you to look up boldly to your own child and give him instruction without him disobeying or causing you eternal agonies, then go and make peace with your mother.

Let me ask you = is your mother your best friend?  Is she your confidant? Or is she your dustbin? Is she your broom and slippers? Is she your invaluable treasure?




Where is God?

     “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” Proverbs 16:7 (Amplified Bible)

King David was one great example of a man after God’s own heart. He was a fighter. He was resilient. He was outstandingly handsome and robust. He was everything; I mean the clear example of what masculine is all about. Biblical Joseph, the dreamer, is another. Out of nowhere and because of his wisdom he became the best help for Pharaoh and Egypt.

What about Jacob, the father of Joseph? What about Abraham? What about Hannah, the mother of prophet Samuel? What about Elijah, the prophet? What about those virtuous men and women of God who stood out among others?

These people had one thing in common – they did not toyed with their righteousness.

     A man is free to live his life as he wants. He has the rights to wake up or to go back to bed. He has the power to do and undo. He has the audacity to put things in places and to retrieve those things. However there are the laws, the physical laws that the societal authorities implemented. Thus a man, though he has the freewill to life, cannot go above these laws. If a man does not work, he will not be able to earn his living. He will be impoverished. If a man kills, he will be killed in return or jailed for life. If a man thinks he can fly over the roof to cause disturbances, there are the police who will come to arrest him.

So when as Christians we are living in such society as ours, we need not forget that we have the mission to always check out ourselves. Where is our righteousness? Have we dumped it in the dustbin? Are we living really for God or for our selfish means? Think of Abraham and Lot. If not for Abraham, God would have wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah without looking back. The Lord remembered Lot and did not destroy him along with the rest of the sinners in city.

It was not as if this men and women of God were 100% perfect. No! They had their personal weaknesses. David lusted after Bathsheba and paid for this, dearly. Samuel’s two sons were just as bad as Eli’s two sons. Jacob (also known as Israel) was a cheat who deceived his brother Esau. Peter denied Jesus Christ thrice. Apostle Paul (formerly known as Saul) hated the gospel with passion until the Lord trapped him. Remember Jonah who fled from God and spent days inside the belly of a giant fish. Think of Solomon who was incapable of distinguishing his relationship with God from his many idols-worshipping women and thus ended up sinning against God.

You can see that these people were just like you and I. However they did not turned away completely from God. They sinned. They acknowledged. They begged for forgiveness. They endured their punishments with humility. They were forgiven. And they stayed with God. As result of their commitment, God lifted them up. He fought for them. He made them powerful and raised them above their enemies. It got to a point in King Solomon’s life that he did not go out to war anymore because God gave him peace from his enemies. Even Abraham lived and ended his life without any chaos. Hannah got the chance she’d longed for when she gave birth to Prophet Samuel and many children afterward. Her rival at home no longer had the gut to mock her. Joseph’s brothers ended up making peace with him. In spite of his turbulent situations with King Saul, David, finally had peace and became the best king ever in biblical history.

Where is God? Is He still having the best place in your life? Have you pushed Him aside and hidden somewhere where you don’t have to think about Him? Are your ways pleasing to God because if they are, then you need not worry about who is against you or who is with you. Examine your life. Cross-examine your actions. Rethink if you must. You may have concluded you’re without sin until you sit down and have a thorough look at the way you’re living at the moment.

If you are genuine about your relationship with God, He will lift you up. He will take you higher than your wildest dreams. He will give you a new song of happiness that you have been battling to earn. He will make your adversaries to assist you in all your endeavours. It is your duty to maintain your righteousness; it is God’s duty to prove His greatness to you.






      “ I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” (Romans 7:15 NIV)

There is no perfect person. When referring to perfection, it requires severe training to achieve that. For a man to get to that point in his life when he is able to resist sinning then he’d gone through lots of hot stages. Even Apostle Paul, in this verse, explained his limitation. He was very committed to God and His law, and was known for his strictness. However there were times when Apostle Paul, himself, fought the fight against flesh.

We can confess being Christians. We can preach the gospel from dawn to dusk. We can fast non-stop. We can pray without end. However the times will come when we will be limited against our wishes, when we will find it so hard to resist temptation, when we will discover that our old selves are resurfacing and letting us commit sins against our intentions.

Just like Apostle Paul, we will never come to understand why we did what we did, why we acted that way, why we cursed, why we fought, why we quarreled, why we kept grudges, why we go back to purchasing that packet of cigarette and smoked, why we got drunk and slept in our vomits, why we cheated, why we stole, why we became promiscuous, why we did this, and why we did that…why…and so the lists go on.

If we keep on searching in our heads to find out why we did those this, believe me, we will never get the time to communicate with God. The only solution to keep us remaining strong in serving God is to ask for His Grace. Without the divine Grace we are helpless.

The Grace saves us. The Grace delivers us. The Grace prevents us. The Grace speaks for us. The Grace defends us. The Grace promotes us. The Grace lifts us. The Grace comforts us. The Grace encourages us. The Grace carries us. The Grace…Hallelujah! What a privilege that God gives us His Grace, freely!

So when you are about to be tempted, or on the verge of sinning, or committing any atrocities, call on the Grace of God. When you are in a difficult situation and you need help. Don’t forget the loving Grace of God. It’s all you need.



      “Before I formed you in the womb I knew[a] you, before you were born I         set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” ( Jeremiah      1:5 NIV)

Dreams, like many people believe, are meant to be the pre-happenings of what will occur to us as individual. They’d concluded we are the products of our dreams, meaning what we dreamt of is what we will become.

Some attached so much importance to their dreams that when they wake up in the morning, they rush to jot down whatever transpired while sleeping.

Some also go to the extent of consulting the psychics to help them interpret their dreams.  And whatever these demon-possessed so-called psychics tell them is what these dreamers will react upon. They only tell you what they think you need to know. As long as what they tell you is good and make you happy then the deal is done.

It is great to dream dreams. I mean even the men in the biblical days dreamt, too.

However when we get to that point of relying upon mere human being like us to reveal what’s behind our night dreams, then we’ve drastically diverted from God’s ultimate direction.

Without being told twice or more, we know deep within our hearts that there is none like God. We know that no psychic can ever take the Lord’s place because no matter the length of time or days, this psychic will finish up his life and dies. BUT God does not die! I hope this is making sense to you.

God is the only one who can change the cause of your dreams. He can overturn the plan of the enemies you saw in your dreams and brings it to your best advantages. He can recreate your destiny, polish off your mess, and remodel your broken parts.

Instead of dwelling on your worst dreams and nurturing them to growth through your thought. Instead of wasting your energy as well as your money to contact a psychic to interpret your dreams, why not just cast your entire life unto God. Give him the chance to interpret your dreams.

It doesn’t matter how horrifying what you saw while asleep. You don’t have to worry or be afraid of whosoever threatened you in the dreams. God will interpret them all for your good. He knows you even before you were born. He’s the only one who’s capable of rewriting your destiny.

He is always there and here. Just pray to Him. He will change your dreams.

Let us Pray…