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Pray not to be a Martha!

We are all busy people. Nonetheless, what happened when we place spiritual priorities in second place? Where is the place of God in our lives; In the front or at the back? How do we elevate our Lord Jesus Christ every second of the day? Being a Martha means putting our daily lives; family, careers, education, friends and ambitions, in front of us instead of placing Jehovah in the driver’s seat. Hence, we lost the required divine connection if we fail to reset our priorities. Please, do not be a Martha. Rather, concentrate on being the Mary, who is always ready to learn from the Master’s feet. Remember — be anxious for nothing (Philippians 4:6-7).

Don’t be bitter — Let God handle it

What would you do if you found out your best friend swindled money off of your aged mother?

What would you do when your parent(s) were part of your constant problems?

What would you do when your siblings betrayed you?

The solution is simple… forgive, move aside and let Jehovah steps in; in order to fight your battles.

It is comfortable to be bitter when trust is breached. Nonetheless, you do not have to. Finally, do not force a reconciliation. Some people must fail you for them to go out of your life for good. Trying to keep them can prevent God from taking you to the next level.