Can You Stop Trying?

Are you going to spend the rest of your life trying to change people? Learn to read the Bible in context! Samuel was once a boy who could not convince Eli to address the latter’s son. What Samuel may not know is that Eli tried for so long until he stopped attempting. Hophni and PhinehasContinue reading “Can You Stop Trying?”

The Waiting Room

The disobedience of King Saul resonated in the Bible. However, his impatience cost him the crown. God is not fair, but, there are times it appears Jehovah has gone on a journey. At these periods, expectations can transform into desperation. Likewise, the waiting room becomes unbearable and too hot to sit in. Often, waiting onContinue reading “The Waiting Room”

Not My Mother’s

I was raised by a mother who did everything she could to make me and my siblings hate my father. Clearly, ‘hate’ is a big word and perhaps, you would have preferred the term ‘dislike’ instead. My mother’s speech, reactions and actions when my father was around or not, made her the best of allContinue reading “Not My Mother’s”

The Alternative

Many Christians are forced to question their faith in God in the face of injustice. They wonder why the Lord does not intervene sooner. Many demands change before they cross the line of no returns. That line is revenge. Injustice can destroy a man’s life and all his existence. Injustice can create the worst orContinue reading “The Alternative”