The Name You Gave It

To the Pentecostals, it is a demonic attack. To some Moslems, it is “God’s punishment”. To the scientists, it is an infectious virus. To the atheists, it is a disease that came from bats. To the racists, it is Chinese disease. Thus, the ongoing Coronavirus, alias Covid-19 has several meaning attributed to it. The fearContinue reading “The Name You Gave It”

The Wrong Fear

A tiny invisible virus brought the world to a standstill in the same way David brought Goliath to his feet. Even the wealthiest people on earth bowed to order of locking themselves indoors. Our perspectives are changing from how we used to take things for granted, to how we are going to learn to appreciateContinue reading “The Wrong Fear”

The Colour of Reflection

There are different colours of worship. Some can be painted in blues (complete irresistible occupation of the entire body), and come in white (pure, calm and collected). Whatever the colour might be, all of them serve one purpose, and that is recognition of Jehovah’s presence as the Light in the life of the believers. However,Continue reading “The Colour of Reflection”

Light A Heart, Not A Cry

Covid-19 is testing human relationships. People are afraid of their neighbours, colleagues, and families. Among all these people are the older ones. Many of them are in isolation. Some are loving with disabilities. Many do not have children or any close relatives. And some have children but have been abandoned by these children. Overall, theContinue reading “Light A Heart, Not A Cry”

What A Christian Should Pray For (3)

The likes of Amnon roam our streets, penetrate our lives as they are visible among us. The Amnon of our times which hardly see anything wrong in black being black and white being white. These Amnon of our time are the non-conformist who don’t understand why people go to church or pray to God becauseContinue reading “What A Christian Should Pray For (3)”

What A Christian Should Pray For (2)

Should we say God is unjust to have given Leah children and deprived Rachel who waited for fourteen years to become Jacob’s wife? The message behind the story is not just one but many; one of these is learning to love others genuinely rather than halfway. Jacob has the right to simply say no toContinue reading “What A Christian Should Pray For (2)”