Those Who Hurts Others

When people hurt others, they are not aware that there is always a paybac day. The story of Joseph is a perfect example. Despite living in wealth, his brothers were afraid of him. There is no doubt they did keep their guard even when he assured them, as mentioned in the above verse. Is thereContinue reading “Those Who Hurts Others”

A Prayer for Mercy

If there is anything that compliments the pandemic outbreak is the revealing sign of drought in Spring. Last year summer was the hottest season, but we were able to produce lots of vegetables. What this year will be like in terms of planting is unknown. To add the extra weight of trouble to the currentContinue reading “A Prayer for Mercy”

What A Christian Should Pray For (2)

Should we say God is unjust to have given Leah children and deprived Rachel who waited for fourteen years to become Jacob’s wife? The message behind the story is not just one but many; one of these is learning to love others genuinely rather than halfway. Jacob has the right to simply say no toContinue reading “What A Christian Should Pray For (2)”

The Lord is in charge

The name of the Lord is a strong tower. Those who cannot do without Him are not afraid of everyday life’s worries. They know He can handle it all. They put their problems at the feet of our Almighty Jehovah and move on to focus on another day. This is the assurance that the LordContinue reading “The Lord is in charge”