What A Christian Should Pray For (4)

Having babies is easy, but raising them is where the big job. Everyone wants to have babies because they feel they are toys. Parenting comes with taking full responsibility to nurture that child up to adulthood until you grow old and death do you all apart. They say, “Charity begins at home”, and I agree.Continue reading “What A Christian Should Pray For (4)”

Make God First before anything

New Year, New Beginning. New Year, beautiful plans. What would happen if God was not part of our plans? Where would that lead us? Into chaos, of course. Either God becomes our priority and everything other things fall into place, or we are living in total illusions. Take one more minute to think of howContinue reading “Make God First before anything”

Who Are Your Friends? 

Respect is not given on a plate of gold. Also, it is not free. The truth is that respect is earned, which means you have to work for it.  What kind of relationship do you have that is taking you faraway from the Almighty? Who are those people you mingle with? Are they Christians? IContinue reading “Who Are Your Friends? “