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Child Witches

There is a problem when the Bible is misinterpreted by Pentecostal miracle performers.

There is a problem when the Word of God is twisted so badly that children are now becoming the victims of the hungry societies.

Across the globe, many children have been and are still being accused of being witches or possessed by demoniac spirits. Notably in South America countries, in some Africa nations such as Republic of the Congo (DRC), Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi, and even in some European countries.

According to scholarly references, the accusations often start from within the family. While this could have been dealt with at the homes, many of the cases are brought to the pastors for additional confirmation. It is important to clarify here that NOT all Pentecostal churches or leaders accuse children of witchcraft.

Many do. Majority of these so-called pastors-turned-prophets are often the owners of roadside Pentecostal churches. Although some megachurches have been caught labelling children as witches.

Why are children targeted? The simplest response is because they are vulnerable! Children cannot defend themselves in many instances. Some of them are children with disabilities, those with Albinism, orphans, those with stubborn characters, stepchildren and of course, those fostered.

How does these families detect a child is a witch or evil possessed? There is no clear answer to this. However, majority of these accusations have been borne out of the need to get rid of the child. Socioeconomic fallout cause many people to designate a culprit of their misfortunes. In addition, the money-seeking Pentecostal pastors or so-called prophets aid in fuelling the accusation by confirming the child is possessed and calling for exorcism, which is NOT free.

May God help us!

The Delibrate Sin

Immediate gratification only yield instant results. After that, nothing else. Money is good. I recommend it. Living a prosperous life is okay. I am happy for that.

However, when a Christian fails to understand the difference between a one-off gratification and a permanent blessing, his or her life will end up in continuous turmoil.

One African proverbial saying is that, “What a man loves much and cannot part from it, is what will ended up killing him.”

To declare being a born-again Christian and still fails to learn to say a big No, in diverse faces of temptation is detrimental to one’s relationship with God.

Lot wanted the best of the lands. He got it. In addition, he received many troubles with it. Jacobs desired his brother’s firstborn blessings. He had it BUT he added years of destructive forces into his life. David wanted a woman so badly that, for one moment in his life he forgot God, and killed a man just to have her. We all know the results. David, the man after God’s own heart, paid terribly for shedding innocent blood.

What do you want to have by all means that you know is contrary to the will of God?

Don’t Think Once!

Don’t Think Twice!!!

Think THRICE!!!

May the Holy Spirit helps you.

A Kind of Man

Many people do not understand why they are different from the others in their world. For some, it may be their disabilities. For others, it may be a sense of being uglier. For another, it could be the fear of being worthless.

Thus, they eventually develop the repeated circles of soul-searching simply to seek the best answer. Oftentimes, in these soul-searching techniques, they forget about thinking in the line connected to God and rather focus on thoughts that further bring them lots of depression, troubles and unnecessary anxiety.

Perhaps, the question here ought to be; “who is ugly or disabled or worthless in the eyes of the Almighty Jehovah?

My answer is, No one!

God created man in His Own Image [Genesis 1:27]. Therefore, the Holy Spirit does not see the ugliness or the disability or the worthless when He settles in the life of a man. Jesus Christ did not care about the disfigured face of any man when He offered His salvation. The Heads of the Trinity see only the man in us. This is the uniqueness and until you get to embrace it, trust me, you will have a long journey of issues.

John, the Baptist was a special man who loved his life as he was. He never searched for the means to modify his life. He was comfortable. And God used him that way.

No judgment. No condemnation. No rejection.

You Pray!

When everything else has gone wrong,

Prayer comes knocking.

It waits. Knocks. Waits.

Patience in the faces of adversities.

Embracing calmness even in the furnace.

Remember Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

They mastered the art of waiting.

They were undeterred

If God is indeed their Lord, He bears the capacity to save.

They believe. They trust. Above all, they pray.

Prayer may not be the simpler thing to do.

But the Lord is not seeking your perfection.

You pray anyhow you can and pass on the rest to Jehovah.

He knows exactly what you need.

You pray!