Little Children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action.
1 John 3:18
I came across this verse countless of times. And each time, it reminds me not to forget my priority towards mankind.

To love someone requires much deeper meaning from us as Christians. We don’t just speak this out and believe that is okay. Do you know that gone were those days when we can declare our love by mere speeches without adding any solid fact to it?

God created us to be distinct examples of Him in everything we do, in each seconds of our lives not just to His glory but to our own benefit. His joy is complete when we do as He instructed, when we show love to our fellow human being without any hesitation.

Look around you; you will discover what you have not being noticing before. There are the helpless kids roaming the street in search of food. There are the beggars without cloths and shelter. There are the sick ones, dying of hunger and thirst.

You have those loads of clothes you no longer need anymore, I advise you to sort them out and go give these people on the street.

Start loving with your actions. Show to those around you that you are indeed a Christian and not just by your speech.

Where people need comfort, provide it for them. When your loved ones are in need of help, do what you can. Be a blessing and not a curse to those in your world.

May the love of God help you to understand true Christianity.


Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved