“Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you. So I will bless you as long as I love; I will lift up my hands and call on your name” Psalm 63:3-4

David understood the importance of praising God. He knew just the right way to get to God’s heart. While he was in the wilderness of Judah, David sang and wrote this psalm unto God.
Sure, David wanted something from God and most of all was his protection from the enemies BUT David knew that God will surely grant him that.

Thus he focused more on praising God and showing His supremacy. He understood that God’s steadfast love, that is the unfailing love of God, is the best and incomparable to life.

In Psalm 8:4 (NRSV), the Bible says “what are human beings that you are mindful of them, mortals that you care for them?”

Mortal is life and like a vapour, one day, that mortal will melt away but God will continue to live on forever. God is immortal.

To difference between these two require divine wisdom and understand for you as true believer of God. Being in the wilderness is when one need to seek deliverance from whatsoever one battles with.

And David was right there at the heart of the wilderness with no one to turn to but God and he made the right decision by praising God first before he afterward launched his request.

Take a closer look at that first verse in this page “Because your steadfast love is better than life……” David acknowledged God’s real identity! God is love and what God loves most is when you praise Him and like David, acknowledges His divine love.

God takes pleasure in the praises of His people. The priority in your life should not be about praying to God for just your need. In fact, you must make it your ultimate priority to praise God at every second of your life.

When you praise God genuinely without you having any motive behind it, God will move on your behalf even beyond your deepest expectation.

Get into the habit of praising God. Praise Him in your heart! Praise Him in your thought! Let every part of your body praises the name of the Almighty God!


Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved


Published by Ehiyeh-sh’Ehiyeh

“Once I was young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭37:25‬ ‭

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