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Let It GO!

“Forbearing one another, and forgiving one another, if any man have a quarrel against any: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.” Colossians 3:13

I would like you to understand that the way it is easy to get angry with someone, so also it is easy to forgive. Many of us have reached the stage where nothing can get on our nerves and we do forgive, irrespective of whatever anyone did to us, but there are some who seem not to forget and forgive no matter what.

As Christians, we don’t have the right to hold grudges against anyone. In fact, Christ does not authorise us to keep malice and then not forgive. No matter what someone did to us, or will do, we must forgive. This is Christ commandment!

The nature of God is to forgive, to let go and that is it, and we must obey God’s instructions.

Have you ever paused and asked yourself this; if God hasn’t forgiven us all of our sins, I bet we would have really messed up big time. You can imagine how many offenses we did against God and He forgives our iniquities.

So do not hold any grudges but please forgive, forgive, forgive and let go.


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You Are Not A Vain

“But Noah found favour in the sight of the Lord.” Genesis 6:8 (NRSV)

Favour, this is something divine that once you have it upon your life, then you are blessed. The favour of God changes the life of a man in so many dramatic ways that one hardly never imagine.

People in the days of Noah were deep in sin, stubborn, idol worshippers, homosexuals, lesbians, full of evil practices, very annoying and provoking. They no longer serve God but rather, went on to serve the false images, to married their daughters and sons, to create solid alliances with evil nations, and did as they like.

God tried so hard to warn them, and He remained patient that they would change, but these people were just disobedient. They went further, plunging the more into their bad ways.

Then God decided to wipe out the entire human race, regretting He created them. In fact, this is applicable in many homes where you will hear mother publicly regretting having given birth to her child who is wayward. You can equally see this between stranded couple, while one of them openly says she regrets her relationship.

It takes enough acts for someone to get fed up about the other person. It is not possible to just get up and call someone evil unless that person did something that called for being tagged as evil. This is the exact point with human races during the days of Noah.

They are nation with stupidity, arrogant, and full of debaucheries. No matter how much God tend to warn them, these people were not ready to listen.

But then the Bible says in the above verse that among all these people, Noah found favour in the sight of God. Incredible! This just means that no matter how long evil tries to penetrate, the good will surely prevail.

Without Noah, I bet God would have wiped out them all, and that’s the end of all lives. Noah prevented this from happening through his faith. He loved God. He saw all that happened around him but Noah refused to join them all in the evil acts.

Rather, Noah continued to remain faithful to God, to worship Him, to serve Him, to tell the world about Him even when they refused to listen.

I don’t think we would have existed if Noah hadn’t found favour in the sight of God. It is Noah’s profound faith that saved us today.

A little act of faith is able to tackle any thing. Because of Noah, human kind is not totally wiped out.

Your faithfulness to God is not a waste, should in case you have been thinking in that direction. It may tarry but when you are consistent with God, in due season, He will prove Himself in your life and bring you favour from all sides.

Stand firm in your faith in God. Do not join the world in their ways but look unto Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. Rest your hope in the God, serve Him without any hesitation, reverence Him, adore Him, glorify Him, and honour Him.


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A Divine Mystery You Need Not Bother Checking Out

The righteous perish, and no one takes it to heart; the devout are taken away, while no one understands. For the righteous are taken away from calamity, and they enter into peace…” Isaiah 57:1-2a (NRSV)

It is not surprising that many people have no idea about the ways of God. They talk anyhow, insult God the way they want, and in fact, denounce the Lord, as they like.

When calamity comes, such as the earthquake in Haiti, you need to see and hear how people condemn God. Some said why did He allow this to happen. Some cursed Him. Others even got to the point where they said God is a cruel God.

I must tell you that apart from this, many people don’t even have any tangible relationship with God. They don’t believe He exists and for that, there is every notion that they use their months as they like.

In the face of disasters, it is not only the unbelievers that perish. The righteous ones go too. And for this, the question will be ‘ why must God allows His people to die?’

Please do not forget that God is not the author of confusion. He has no interest in anybody’s downfall. He is loving, caring, and always working for our own good.

It is only God who knows why the righteous must die alongside the unbelievers. Just as the sun, shines, the moon gives us light and the rain, falls upon the good, so also they fall and shine upon the bad.

In the world, the good and bad must live together, which is for the time being. And, It is God who decides.

Look at the verse in Isaiah, when the righteous are taken, you don’t need to ask God why. They are taken away, through any incident, by any forms, for their own sakes and it is for them to avoid future calamity.

Someone says, many believers die so early in their faith because if they don’t go away at that time, they may end up blaspheming in the future, and for them to return to God might take time, or they may never return.

I agree with this person. God sees us, He knows our hearts, and He knows what we are capable and incapable of doing. He will do anything to preserve our faiths in Him.

Many years ago, I had a very good sister and friend. She was a strong devotee, and I love her faith in the Lord. Then one day, she died. I, personally, did not understand why, until years on. And I just have to thank God she’s gone.

What if she’s still here, and then loses her salvation. God preserves her from future calamity.

Please, do not join the ignorant in questioning God. You do this at your own peril and of course, your own foolishness. God is not a dummy that He will not know what is happening.

The righteous ones die and go away for them to be at peace. They can go away in whatever forms, whatever means. It is God who knows why such paths are chosen.

Stop, I implore, stop questioning God.


Princess Ayelotan

©2010 All Right Reserved

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Your Dark Ruling Angel

“Those with good sense are slow to anger, and it is their glory to overlook an offense.” Proverbs 19:11 (NRSV)
When you overlook an offense, it does not mean you are foolish as many people think. It just means you are trying to avoid trouble and that you are wiser than they thought.
Life is so small and so vast as well depending on how you tend to live it. When you flee from trouble, then you are elongating your life in the best way. What about when you tend to face any situation in your moment of anger?
Do you know that through your anger, you can end up shortening your life? Anger is not the best. It can destroy so much you have worked for within few seconds.
Anger can put you in jail. It has all the possibility to erase your good deeds from the surface of the earth.
Often anger may be for good cause but you have to watch it. You have to control your temper especially now that you are about to enter the New Year. Be extremely careful when you are annoyed.
Instead, I implore you to avoid anger at all cost. Flee from it if you must but don’t let it rule over you. You have every capacity within you to tame it. You have the Holy Spirit of God right inside of you. Ask Him to help you to deal with your hot temper.
You must do it now! Don’t wait until it ruins you or almost before you do something about it.
Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved

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You don’t have to continue this ugly way

“You must understand this, my beloved: let everyone be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to anger; for your anger does not produce God’s righteousness.” James 1:19-20

They say you have every right to anger and you reply that ‘yes,’ that anger lies in your bosom. So then what are you? A fool?

How do you think the righteousness of God will abide in you and produce forth greater works when you are so filled up with anger inside of you? In what way will you be able to manifest your Christ-like image when you don’t know how to keep your mouth shut in certain situations?

I keep saying this, to be a real Christian is not all about praying or frequenting church with great enthusiasm. Christianity starts from you, the believer, and what people sees as Christianity in you is your attitude, your behaviours, your character and of course the way you deal with people.

If you are fond of talking anyhow, or jumping rudely into other people’s discussion or private affair, then you are not yet fully a true Christian even if you think you are.

A true Christian is a child of God. He carries the image and character of God. He loves to obey whatever instruction God lays down for him in the Bible. And he is very conscious of what comes out of his mouth.

Do not fall into the habit to speaking out your mind even if you are on the right track. Wait, try to listen so hard, fast, deeper to others, and to what you hear. When it comes to fretting your anger, please, I implore you, do it wisely.

It does not do you any favour when through your anger you show the ugly side of you by throwing furniture against each other, or slapping or attacking others with verbal abuses.

It is not difficult to change your way if you are in this categories. All you need to do is pray to God, ask the Holy Ghost to help you to change your character, your bad habit and give you the Christ-like character. God answers prayer and He is willing to do this for your if only you just pray.


Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved