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The Word ‘Pardon’

But you offer the forgiveness that we might learn to fear you.’  Psalms 130: 4

There are three words that heal the angry soul; “I am sorry”

There are three words that remind others that they are special; “I love you”

Likewise, there are three words that can set straight every messy situation; “Please, pardon me”

Do you know that one single act of not forgiving is enough to ruin years of union with our Lord Jesus Christ?

It takes the humility to understand how much God is forever special to all of us. He first taught us how to let go. We did not learn this all alone otherwise we would have taken the credit for everything the Almighty Jehovah has done and still doing for us.

Forgiveness is vital to spiritual progression. Until a Christian can see beyond the wrongs someone did thim and start releasing the painful souvenirs associated to the act, he is not immune from demonic spirits that combine negativities such as depression, hatred and revenge.

It does not have to be hard to forgive. To let go and move on, makes life beautiful than to hold to and allow that hurts to destroy our relationship with God.

He Never Holds Back

“But with you there is forgiveness; therefore you are feared.” Psalm 130:4

Forgiveness brings joy. And where there is forgiveness, there is peace. We are capable of doing wrong as result of our human nature. We are able to commit offenses that are too serious and might not let anyone forgive us BUT the bible makes it clear to us that God is not like us.

One of the reasons why people come to fear God and to respect Him is because He FORGIVES! God does not hold any grudges about what you and I have done through sinning against Him. He overlooks our wrongs and goes on to Forgive us when we acknowledge our sins.

Aren’t you grateful to be a child of God? I am so blessed to know God and I am sure you are too. God forgives no matter the level of your sins. He forgives because He loves you and do not want you to live in guilt, in shame or anguish over your sinful acts.

Do not condemn yourself to a corner and think that God will never forgive all your wrongful acts. You are not the one to decide for Him, to know what He thinks about you. He is God and He is love and for His love, He wholly forgives without holding back.

I implore you not to hold on today but to come to God and ask Him to forgive you. He will surely forgive you.