Go With God

Renowned Basketball player Kobe Bryant died, and the world cried. Some are still moaning because not only was he a footballer, but he added values to the lives of many people who would not have gotten the chances. He was their angel in disguise.

However, to some people, Bryant was a rapist, and not only that he was black; ultimately to be categorised as a negro. The problem with those who saw the wrong sides of this man as they are living within the sphere of symbolic imaginary where godly compassion is wanting.

As a feminist, I am confronted by people, men and women, who take pleasure in humbling facts and fictions because they barely take out the time to analyse their words before they let them out. They pour them out without caution. As women, we hate being told the truth because we don’t want others to see our weaknesses. Therefore, we hide behind the collectivism, such as the #MeToo or the #ShowYourself female strength revivals.

I am not counterattacking here or denying there are no monsters out there who had committed the worst atrocities ever. What is disturbing is how some folks can deny the existence of human sympathies at this moment to Bryant and his family. This was a man who not only died in that crash, but, he equally lost his daughter. Besides, seven other people died alongside them. Days ago, they were all with their families. I bet they would not have boarded that ill-fated helicopter if someone had told them they are going to crash. Still, death is no respecter of anybody. Think of the bereaved families before you judge the dead.

When people died, they do not exist anymore. Whatever they may have done in the past linger on but, with time, these acts, whether good or bad, will also fade away. They say that people will always be remembered for the service they rendered to their communities. However, I argue that people’s physical bodies may be retained but, when it comes to their spiritual lives, then they will have to make that out with their makers.

No one is freed from sins. It is when people’s secrets are revealed that everyone realises their atrocities. We all are guilty at one time or the other. When we have collective actions to make things right, we do so because we desire to change our societies. We can be feminists, child support activists, climate change activists, anti-gun fighters or whatever. All of these we are because we are favoured by God to breathe and have the capability to do them.

But what happens when we are deprived of our physical strength and bodies, when we are no longer alive? What happens when the man is gone back to the soil, and his or her soul is gone to the giver of life? Can they still be judged on earth and be found guilty? It could be. Nonetheless, the question is who then are we to judge them after they’ve gone.

There ought to be limitations of what we put out there on the web and the substantial need to curtail our emotions. What else is left after all our struggles? Irrespective of who you are, celebrity or not, death is your definitive ending.

Published by Ehiyeh-sh’Ehiyeh

“Once I was young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭37:25‬ ‭

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