The People Concerned (4)

My immediate younger sister died of epilepsy. As this neurological disorder can start anytime and to anyone, hers began when she was in her first year in secondary school. Then it became frequent, thus forcing the school to inform us to keep her at home until she gets better. Well, she never goes back, andContinue reading “The People Concerned (4)”

The People Concerned (3)

Solitude is one fastest killer of the older people. While being alone can sometimes be a benefit to one’s health, it is unsafe for the elderly. Pappy, my neighbour, is a father and a widower in his early 90s and he lives alone. It was his choice. He has children, and then his two housekeepersContinue reading “The People Concerned (3)”

The People Concerned (1)

Any references to this verse are often attributed to companionship between a man and a woman. However, this biblical verse extends beyond this and applies to any discussion about the plague affecting many people. This plague is called LONELINESS. It is a silent killer that attack the invisible people. I called them invisible because theyContinue reading “The People Concerned (1)”