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The Lost Gospel

I grew up with the a gospel that is the reverse of what it is today. It was different back then. Strong emphasis was on converting souls for Jesus Christ. There were discussions about sin, hell and heaven. The virtual imageries of hell are literal. The ugly devil with bloody horns, it’s burning flames were so frightening that, no one pray to die and end up there. We enjoyed dry fasting that could live for three to seven days. We got pleasure in group house meetings. Many hit the roads to preach from house to house, and streets to streets.

Time slips away and things are no longer the same. That gospel seems to have been pushed behind the curtains. No more hell. No more heaven. Some ministers are now preaching that heaven is here on earth.

People are desperate now. Some of us are perpetually hungry. Some sick. More or less in search of genuine love and acceptance. Per event, many of the 21st century pastors and preachers are more or less taking advantage of this to fill their own pockets. The gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ has been twisted so badly to fit modern-day satisfaction (Mark 11:17).

What happened to the days of the true gospel? Positive changes can bring this back, but is this possible within the Christian communities where denominations are not in oneness?

Many go to church, not with the honest intentions to fellowship, simply seek to God for solutions to their issues. While the church leadership must do everything desperately to keep them coming(1 Timothy 6:10). After all, how do you continue maintaining a megachurch without the members’ money? How does one buy the fuels for the pastors’ private jets?

Dear God, help us(John 17:9-12)!

Christ in the Boy

Our Lord, Jesus Christ deliberately came down from Heaven to meet us. He knew we cannot come to heaven anytime we want to see Him. Hence, He took it upon Himself to join us here without reservation.

The most beautiful part of His journey was to come through a woman. He was born of a woman. By doing so, He decided to understand our lives. For the Lord to intervene, He chose to be born like us, live like us, grow up in sequences of lifeline like us. In other words, He was once a baby, a toddler, a kindergartener, a primary school boy, an adolescent and eventually, a man. What else can be as delightful as knowing that God identity with us and our pains through His son, Jesus Christ who lived on earth, ate and drink, sleep and wake up, used the bathroom and toilet as we do, dressed up in our like manner.

In the above verse, here was the young Jesus Christ at the edge of His first miracle. Despite talking to His mother, He did not disobey her. He simply talked. However, He went ahead to turn water into the best of all wines at the wedding.

Who else can we identify with? Who else do you want to hand out your life for?

What a friend we have in Jesus Christ?