The Victims of Abandonment

Did you hear about the mass death of the older people in some Spanish deserted retirement homes? Do you have cases of spiral abandonment of the older ones during this time? Well, I have one to share with you. Last week, my 90-year-old neighbour’s sons came to move him out of his house into aContinue reading “The Victims of Abandonment”

Where Is Your Place? 

To Ingold Tim, every place, in comparison to a gathering of things, is a knot of stories. There are stories revolving around families, pets, and career pathways. There are stories about rescues and losses, and there are tales of restoration.  Every Christian must be conscious of the possession of a sacred place, where he canContinue reading “Where Is Your Place? “

Get Out!!!

Jesus sent him away, saying, “Don’t go back into the village on your way home.” (‭Mark‬ ‭8‬:‭26‬ NLT) Every Christian is shielded from harm by virtue of the presence of the Holy Spirit in his or her life. However, there are circumstances that this Christian must understand the need to avoid going to certain placesContinue reading “Get Out!!!”