Unto Him …

Who can do all things beyond our wildest imagination. To the Supernatural Incomparable God, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, the One and Only, the Beginning and the End. Unto Him be all glory, honour, power, and majesty, both now and forevermore, Amen.


The Power of Water

The undeniable power of water cannot be overemphasised or underestimated. This becomes evident in the discourses about climate change, where topics regarding flooding, seas level rising, and all sorts of damage water are causing. Water is the life-giving force of human existence. To recognise that beneath the earth is water is something we must appreciate. And we see this when we dig the ground to source water when we plant our fruits and vegetables; engage in several activities that will fetch us water. Our acknowledgement of the invaluable power of water is enough to teach us how to honour Jehovah throughout our lives. It will also teach us how to respect and preserve our water use, for, without it, we cannot survive. When we leave the shower taps running and wasting water, we need to think about the privilege of having it. We equally need to think about those who do not have enough clean water to use for their daily lives. Amen.

The Unwise Christian

It takes wisdom to do the right things. It takes godly divine wisdom in understanding the principles of Christ. Likewise, it takes ignorance in living a life void of Christ. A Christian can claim to be a Christian without actually knowing the profound truth of the Word of God. A child depends on an adult for support, whereas an adult is independent enough to carry out tasks unless they have disabilities. It becomes problematic seeing any abled adults still depending on others for practically all of their needs. This applies to any Christian who lacks the understanding and knowledge of the resounding power of God and how they can maximise it for their lives. Such a Christian is an unwise one who needs to step out of their infancy to adulthood.

Closing the Final Chapter

Man’s death is the proof of Jehovah’s undisputed superiority. Man’s final day on earth depicts his frailty in the face of their supposed personality. Maintaining that profound understanding that from dust we came and to dust we return should be enough for any sensible person that living with Christ is the only way. Our chaotic world, littered with nonstop images of violence, corruption, individualism, unthinkable happenings, pains and suffering, are sufficient to draw us closer to the Almighty. Christ’s death is not for nothing. He knows how things are right now and how they will be next. We live just once, and after that, we must go. None of us has any power over death. The good news is that Jesus Christ alone has that power. We will live on forever with Him even after our mortal bodies are done. But it is also easy to miss out on spending eternity with the Lord if we ignore Him right here on earth while we still have the chance to make things straight. There is hope for the living, but there are no more chances for the dead for restitution.

Breaking Through

There are different kinds of doors. Some are so light that a kick is enough to get them down. However, some cannot be easily removed, broken, or replaced because of their high quality fabricated material. It will take another super machine to break through these solid doors; otherwise, it might be best to slip through if there are openings beneath them. I believe no solid doors will carelessly permit any tiny spaces underneath for safety purposes such as against fire. This is why knocking seems the appropriate way by which the owner of the door will let you in. Knocking means humility to get through. You violate the rules of life when you use a bulldozer to break down the door that won’t open at your command. And you might finish up in a prison for that crime. However, knocking depicts your humbleness and the willingness to corporate with the person behind that door. You are knocking because you know there is something by far best behind that door that will alter the course of your life forever, positively.
So, are you ready to knock?

Priceless Truth

What else is what holding onto in a world where the truth is hard to get by? We live in a time where many people are not ready to accept the validity, and some are ready to twist what is considered to be truthful and turn it around for their selfish purposes. It is in the same world that every Christian is forced to make a personal decision about their stand regarding their faith.

The CV of a Christian-Loser

Rome was not built in a day, which means every step towards success requires a new forward movement. Every stride will eventually lead to the final destination. What does not move will not reach a point, and that means if you do not strive to break out of your stagnancy, you cannot step up. Losers love to come up with lots of excuses why things are not working for them. Losers love to blame others for their failures. And many of these losers are Christians. The Christian who depends on miracles will wait until Jesus comes, and no one knows the date of the Lord’s coming. Miracles become active through hard works. It is one thing to believe in something; it is another to work towards achieving that something. Get up and get out of your laziness. Do not depend on welfare state money to get by the day; otherwise, you will waste your God-giving talented life.

The Wait that Worth it

A journey without the Spirit of God will be full of rocks, storms, and missteps. No matter how fast you may get to your destination, you will know whether you have carried God along with you or not.
A journey with the Holy Spirit is a no-hurry journey that can take longer than you expected. This is deliberate to teach you the virtue of patience. What matters is the final outcome, and neither the beginning nor the middle.
Why not keep on praying while you wait?

In the Foolishness of Mind

When Christian believes they know it all, it is when God shows them their vanity. It is similar to thinking of knowing the exact date of Rapture. It is better to accept that there are others ahead of us who are wiser than we are rather than we thinking we are better than others. This is pure humility. Think of why the dullest people achieve distinction in their exams while the most talented failed. Think of why the ugliest ones are the richest while the most handsome are the poorest people on earth. Exhibiting weakness in diverse endeavours does not necessarily mean exactly that. It is learning to rely on Jehovah’s Grace to pull through life. Yes, it is worth it. Yes, it is good depending on Him than on one’s self intelligence.

The Christian Cost of Integrity

Every action comes with a price. Fairness, within the shallow space of this daunting world, demands utter sacrifices. As Christians, there is no better response to living like Christ than living a life full of integrity how we treat others and expected them to reciprocate in return. But what if they don’t? What happens when we cross the border and instead choose corruptibility?