The Christian Cost of Integrity

Every action comes with a price. Fairness, within the shallow space of this daunting world, demands utter sacrifices. As Christians, there is no better response to living like Christ than living a life full of integrity how we treat others and expected them to reciprocate in return. But what if they don’t? What happens when we cross the border and instead choose corruptibility?

Gateway to Hell

Nothing destroys a good relationship other than excessive words. Nothing breaks apart good friends like harsh words. Nothing makes a person lose their sense of morality, like a lack of self-control. If you don’t learn to take charge of what you say and how you say it, your words will open for you the gateway to hell.

The Believer’s Escape Route

There are two types of Christians: those who depend on others to pray for them and those who pray independently. Which side do you belong? Understanding the power of prayer is the step ahead to troubleshooting any life’s issues. Prayer is such a powerful escape route for any Christians who so desire to change their lives. It does not surprise the famous saying that a prayerless life is prey for the enemies. Learn to pray!

The Way of the Lord

Shall we say God doesn’t know what He is doing by extending the same treatment to both the righteous and criminals? Not! Many unrighteous people often think God does not exist or He is a fake because they are not being punished. But God’s love is so precious that He extends it to everyone. To sinners, the sunlight is a sign of second chance because He is waiting for them to turn away from their sin and return to Him. To the righteous, His everlasting sunlight upon their lives is a sign of His grace over them. That is why God’s ways are different because He knows what He is doing.

Holy Spirit: Our Greatest Ally

No matter how massive is a rat, the moment it sees a kitten within its territory, it knows its days are counted. Day by day, the kitten grows up to be the cat’s most significant woe. The more any Christians nurture the Holy Spirit in their life, the more He becomes mighty in their lives to the extent that all negativity will disappear. Many believers tend to neglect the Holy Spirit, but what they do not know is, the Christian journey is incomplete without the Spirit of God. He is our greatest ally in all aspects of our lives.

The Believer’s Trap

Oh yes, you are who you think to be! Your mind imagination is your treasure. You become the exact carbon copy of your thoughts. The more you think about it, the more you accumulate until the reservoir of your mind is full. Then it’s burst forth! Your mind can either be your trap or your rescuer. What do you think about yourself? Where your mind imagination leads you is where your life will be. Change your mind vision, and you will change your life. It’s so simple!