Your Tongue: Your Downfall?

You cannot talk without your tongue. It helps you to express yourself as well as eat, drink, and breath. Once the tongue is taken off, you lose total control of your body, and you will need assistance to get things done until you can start all over again.

The same tongue is vital for your life. Therefore, the question is, what do you do with it? What are the words that come out of your mouth? Do they edify others or bring them down? Do they encourage you or aid in further destruction of your soul? If you cannot train your tongue in the same way you teach yourself to drive a car, then what will happen is that it (tongue) will drive you down until you face a think wall. Be careful.

What Not To Do

Under no circumstances must you make a vow to Jehovah when you knew you could not fulfils it. God is not like your earthly father even though He wants us to have a Father-Child relationship with Him.

Know your weaknesses and your strengths by being honest about what you decide to do or not to do after the Lord has answered you.


Those You Meet

Our actions determine the outcome of our conversation with people who want to know whether we are genuine Christians. Our undertakings can either be public or private. What becomes important is the context behind what we do, to whom, and why. We must have heard about how actions speak louder than voices.

What if part of our believers’ actions is praying for those we meet? They could be the doctors, cashiers, council office, postman /woman, neighbour, children playing on the streets, baker, teacher, strangers, et cetera. Every person we meet during the week contributes to our lives in one way or the other. Do we pray for them in private without them knowing? Be they strangers or familiar faces; God put them in our pathways for our blessings, and for lessons to learn.

Shalom .

Those Who Don’t Like You

How many of Satan’s disguise followers do we have in our days? The accusers of Christians start with Satan and then down to others. They are willing to prove to God how much the Christian is not to be trusted. These adversaries believe the Christians are going to church because of what they can get from God and not because they love Him.

Like Satan versus Job, the accusers will go several steps ahead to disobey Jehovah just to prove themselves. God instructed Satan not to touch Job, but he failed to listen by inflicting the man with boils.

David says he prefers God’s punishing because he knew how unfair, wicked, and brutal men are (2 Samuel 24:14). A prayer today is that God should not permit our accusers to harm us, in Jesus name, amen.


What is the Right Decision?

Avoid silly confrontation!

I heard it is better to stay put and confront the person with whom you have issues. However, I say it is better to walk away. Doing so does not make you weak. Instead, it depicts your godly wisdom.

Anger is good when it is express in the right way and at the right time. Still, being outrage can be a perfect destroyer. Amid two-second your rage, you can ruin everything you have taken years to build, such as your relationship with family members and friends or colleagues.

When you walk out rather than staying to confront it, you create enough gap between you and the person involved to find a better solution. You save your dignity. But if you decide to stay and face it out, then you must bear the consequences.

The right decision is to keep quiet and walk away.

Double Promises

God’s words are never left unfulfilled. He will do what He says He will.

In this verse are His two promises; He will rescue anyone who genuinely loves Him, and He will protect the Christians who rely on Him 1000% without wavering. God’s promises are true.

Love equates to respect, which means obeying Jehovah and paying full attention to His instructions. In other words, those who obey His commandments are those who wholeheartedly love Him.

Trust equates to both respect and recognition of Supreme Power and Authority that is about humankind. Trust recognises that God will never abandon His people irrespective of their actions. It also means putting one’s entire life in Him.


When, Oh God, When?

Why pray to God when you cannot wait?

Nothing is daunting as waiting in expectation for something. It is even worse when you have no idea of how and at what time it would come.

Waiting on God to provide the answer to your requests equally applies to some of the ways you wait for ordinary things to happen. Rather than sitting without doing nothing, I propose you simply trust Him knowing that He has heard you.

He says at the appointed time. That means at His time, and not yours. Therefore, praise Him continually while doing the waiting, and don’t give up.

What Works?

Great mighty men and women of God have one story in common—the power of Praise. They have been tested and tried, and in all their Christian journeys, they all learn from praising Jehovah.

Try praise when nothing else works because that is the perfect channel to see God in action. Praise is like a catapult because it lifts the Lord faster into intervening in your life. Do not worry about anything. Simply praise Him.


Be Modest

Years ago, at a research training, I met a lovely woman who left me with the most beautiful two words ever. They are, “Be Modest”.

I never saw her again as we work in different fields and countries, but she taught me a lot. Being modest in your life and dealings with others does not mean you have opened up the channels for everything and everyone.

Modesty is a word that teaches you to see life with a kinder lens where you meet people at the micro-level. It is going below your ‘high’ standard to recognise that people are different, and there requires you to treat them in the same way you want them to treat you. You cannot succeed in your dealing with those in your world if you don’t put forward the characters of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that’s where comes in the aspect of being modest.

It merely is humility.

Face it!

Take back your God-giving power!

When are you going to stop holding others accountable for your life?

If it was not your spouse, it is the fault of your children. If it was not your boss, it is the fault of your government. If it were not your friends who were responsible, it would be probably your neighbours.

Learn to take charge of your life and STOP blaming others. Indeed, any of these people in your life may have been authors to many things that have happened to you. But do they still hold any powers to what happens next in your life?

At one time or the other, you, too, had contributed to many occurrences of your life either voluntarily or carelessly. Well, that was then. Your pasts do not define the present you.

You only continue to give powers to people when you keep on blaming them. Therefore, I urge you to take back that power by facing it, be responsible and move on.