Confinement and the Wounded

As someone who has no television in my house, once in a while; I turn to the mini radio in my kitchen. Sometimes, I will switch it on for few minutes while there, and then shut it off once I’m leaving. The same happened that day I overheard the male commentators phoning through to a man who I later heard was utterly blind. They were asking him how he has been managing the confinement as he lives alone. He took his time to narrative his ordeals; in particular, his need to fill out the required derogatory travel form we all have to fill and take with us if we have to go out now. He equally talked about how he would plead his cause to the police if he ran into them during their routine control. In all of this, my conclusion was that this respondent was afraid, isolated, lonely, and abandoned. Later, I heard one of the guests who was a government representative, spoke up, reassuring the man. She then announced measures they set up to help those with disabilities.

The question is, how do we connect with those with disabilities by providing platforms of safety for them ahead of time so that we do not forget them before we set up lockdowns like this? It takes something to happen, such as the uncomfortable story of this visually impaired gentleman, before those in places of authorities will react. It ought to be the other way round.

As families, we must not neglect our members with disabilities because of our preset mentality that they are the wounded. The truth is, we all are injured right now. Whether we are affected directly or indirectly, we are part of the society, and therefore, we are not swimming against the tide. As a matter of fact, as Christians, we share the messianic suffering of Jesus. The Lord will not abandon those in need, and so we must emulate Him in our actions.

The Danger of Collective Fear

The Israelites saw Pharaoh and his army approaching them, and they panicked, blaming Moses for bringing them out of slavery (Exodus 14:10). It was not only at the threshold of the Red Sea that they did express their fear; there were records of many occasions they exhibited their worst characters. Irrespective of these, Jehovah remained faithful to them.

Now in the 21st century where globalisation is the order of the day, our world is going through some shifting. Part of these has been the migration issues, terror attacks, political instabilities, discrimination, modern-day slavery, et cetera. Amid this broken world comes the Covid-19, which has succeeded in bringing the world to a standstill. Its sudden emergence is like adding fire to a burning bush. The fact that it has proven not to be a respecter of anyone no matter their status or age, is gradually developing what I call COLLECTIVE FEAR.

This does not come without any dangers, and some of these are the frenzies emanating from our leaders, friends, families, neighbours, colleagues or even from strangers. Collective fear brings no positive messages of hope except the negatives, as shown in the word cloud picture above.

That the Bible has lots of messages of reassurance and hope is the reason for such a time like this. There is nowhere else to turn to right now to find solace than to the word of God because that’s the powerful weapon to counterattacks the unforeseen circumstances of this collective fear.


If It Was Not For the Lord

Do you agree with me God is aware that this pandemic is going to take place? How many of you will accept that Jehovah tried to speak to you about it last year or even the year before?

Last year, I decided to pay up a huge junk of our mortgage. Why I made up my mind to do so is still a puzzle to me. Everyone in my world, including my bank, was against it. They did everything they could to dissuade me. Yet. I stood my ground, giving them so many excuses such as “I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.” Fast forward to 2020, I was discussing with a friend who lives in the UK and part of our conversation was their predicted recession announced by the French government. When I told him about the last year mortgage payment, he said it was as if I knew the Covid-19 was coming to cause economic havoc.

I am not a prophetess to see the future. But I know someone who is. His name is Jehovah EMMANUEL: our God who is ever-present in times of troubles.

What this pandemic began took many by surprise because they were unprepared. It shows how the rapture will take place without unbelievers not even aware it has happened.

Like myself, you now understand that if it were not for the Lord, you probably would have been part of the global chaos.

Let’s appreciate Him.

Gratitude to the Extreme

“Don’t be an ingrate

A woman just bought a baby playmat from me, and she chipped in she needed the mat because her baby girl has started crawling. I told her time passes quickly, especially now that, we have been under lockdown for the past four weeks. Then, she said, “Phew! We are fortunate to have a large garden.”

I replied, “Ah, you’re lucky then. Trust me; you are fortunate.” After that, I went on to tell her how some people are confined in tiny spaces they called homes.

The fact that she and I are blessed to have larger spaces is indeed a blessing. However, do I know whether she is grateful to God for this? I am. I can only speak for myself. Ever since the lockdown began in France, I cannot avoid whispering the words of gratitude to Jehovah. This is not because of having a big home with lots of free spaces and hearing the birds singing in my garden. That’s part of it. What is so striking is to be having His Grace overshadowing me like a shield of protection.

Therefore, anyone reading this and not grateful to be alive does not understand the essence of gratitude. It takes a walk to the emergency rooms, or the mortuaries, or the funeral homes, or even listen to the mediatised chaos caused by this ravaging pandemic to know God has been so loyal to us. He will continue to be. Appreciate Him!


A Prayer for Mercy

If there is anything that compliments the pandemic outbreak is the revealing sign of drought in Spring. Last year summer was the hottest season, but we were able to produce lots of vegetables. What this year will be like in terms of planting is unknown.

To add the extra weight of trouble to the current one is not encouraging. Like this soil dryness, many people have lost their lives, jobs, marriage, family members, or friends.

The mercy of God changes every disturbing situation, and it lifts us out of any dangerous circumstances. Peter cried to the sleeping Jesus during the storm. The people of Israel cried out for mercy in their slavery.

Let us also call unto the Lord to have mercy upon us. Nothing happens in the physical world without first being concluded in the spiritual realm. God is aware of what has happened, is happening, and will happen later.

Pray for mercy

Who has the Final say?

I was talking to my father over the phone, and I said something about never seen our world at a standstill as it is. He said, “Me too. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

In his old age, I could sense the dread in his voice, and I understood he was not alone in this. In the last Christmas celebration, who would have thought this is where we will be four months later?

Tomorrow is another day, while today continues to hold the rein of existence. Sadly, yesterday was gone. Spring is here and with it comes freshness. However, most of these flowers bloomed for a few days before they whither.

This is how our lives here; from the moment we are born to the end of days. God holds the key to our existence. Without Him, we are nothing.


Jehovah: Hope of the hopeless

‘Put your Hope in the right place”

The question that you need to answer is, where do you place your hope? In a time like this, to who do you turn? A look to the right and left will reveal the truth that Jehovah has the final say to you about living a peaceful life. What the media has to offer are overloaded harmful contents. Likewise, political leaders are not offering comforting words even when they feel they have an obligation to deliver updates about the current situation. At the end of the spectrum are the social media platforms wholly bombarded with fake and much disheartening news.

Today, many choose not to educate themselves about finding hope in the Lord. Christians like me have walked and still walking with God, and He has shown His power of faith. Putting trust in Him right now cannot be a mistake, but the best choice any sensible person will do.


The Power of Obedience

“Don’t be an hypocrite”

When they instruct you to stay at home, then you must stay at home. Obedience saves lives, but disobedience leads the rebellious Christians to their untimely death.

God’s instructions include obeying the authorities irrespective of how bad they are. It is not our duties to fail to follow them simply because they have been unable to depict a higher sense of responsibilities.

At this crucial moment, we must listen to our leaders, while we must continue to trust that Jehovah is with us no matter the circumstances.


In His Grace without Blemishes


In every situation, you are Holy.

Even when we have gone astray, and toyed with our lives in reckless abundance.

Yet, you are Holy.

Only you remain forever faithful, honest, available, forgiving, merciful and full of uncommon love.

All we want to say at this time, and in this hour is,


In the Family of Horrors (1)

Who is here with me that we have a situation?

In these days, when everyone is under some form of lockdowns, we have some men chose or are choosing to flex their muscles on their wives or partners. These women are now their punching bags, whether physical, moral, psychological or emotional. The bodies of their women are their gym equipment.

Here in France (and I believe this is going on in several corners of the world), there are persistent reports of the surge in intimate partner violence. Instead, I will call it domestic violence because this is transpiring right inside the family caucuses.


Are you man enough? Is this the right time to abuse your woman? Many findings have shown perpetrators of domestic violence are men who cannot confront their fellow men. In other words; they are weak. I agree.

Taking advantage of the current situation to inflict pains on others is what God will not forgive. If you are reading this and you are one of those weak men who hit your woman, then you better stop. There are repercussions for any harmful acts. This is not a joke. The Bible does not lie. Whatever anyone cultivates is what they will harvest.


A Do or Die Affair

Learn to pray with Faith

Understanding the spheres of the spiritual requires thorough, direct application of a parallel universe. Nothing happens in the physical that has not been settled previously in the spiritual. It means life has two facets— the spiritual and the physical. The most preserve secret is the truth that the spiritual world governs the physical. Nothing is at a face level, and it takes a praying Christian to grasp the depth of life entirely.

Prayer is the key to connecting to a trouble-free existence. This is not to say the individual will not encounter any issues in life. No. On the contrary, a devoted praying person is sure to overcome any circumstances irrespective of their shapes and sizes. This is why prayer is mostly a do or die affair to a flourishing life.


Do not be overwhelmed

Every moment is temporary, and that means every situation has a time depth. It is parallel to Ecclesiastical passage about timing. Rather than stressing out about the ongoing global issues as well as the unforeseen circumstances yet to come, wisdom requires the Christian continues to believe in the presence of the Almighty. Henceforth, maintaining a cool attitude shows profound faith in Jehovah. It might be interesting the revelation that He alone, and nobody else, owns the key to life. In order words, only Him has the power and the authority to decide who stays and who goes. Therefore, genuine Christian needs not fear at all.


Let Us Pray

Father, we thank you because of who you are.

Lord, we pray you to intervene in homes where people are suffering unjustly. Send them your help, so they will know you are always there for them.

We ask for your presence to be a protective shadow over folks living alone and in confinement. They are people with disabilities, the elderly, single women and men, and single mothers. Be with them.

Father, we pray for those battling for their lives right now, and we ask for your divine healing hands over them.

We pray for the souls of all who passed away from this virus to rest in peace. Comfort their families. Give them your peace that surpasses all human understanding.

We pray in general for everyone confined in their homes for your protection over them all.

Finally, we pray for our leaders and governments. Lord, please remove from them the spirit of confusion, hopelessness, cruelty and self-centeredness. Help them to see through to the pain of the lowly.

In all these and many more to come, we give you thanks. We are grateful, Father, because you always hear us no matter what. We are thankful because you are who you are, and you will never change.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed,