Be Modest

Years ago, at a research training, I met a lovely woman who left me with the most beautiful two words ever. They are, “Be Modest”.

I never saw her again as we work in different fields and countries, but she taught me a lot. Being modest in your life and dealings with others does not mean you have opened up the channels for everything and everyone.

Modesty is a word that teaches you to see life with a kinder lens where you meet people at the micro-level. It is going below your ‘high’ standard to recognise that people are different, and there requires you to treat them in the same way you want them to treat you. You cannot succeed in your dealing with those in your world if you don’t put forward the characters of our Lord Jesus Christ, and that’s where comes in the aspect of being modest.

It merely is humility.

Published by Ehiyeh-sh’Ehiyeh

“Once I was young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭37:25‬ ‭

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