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She named the boy Ichabod, saying, “The glory has departed from Israel”-because of the capture of the ark of God and the deaths of her father-in-law and her husband.” 1 Samuel 4:21

The story of Eli and his two sons— Hophni and Phinehas is very interesting because it teaches not only about proper parenting but equally the need to separate the chaff from the wheat.

Eli lacked the ‘strong’ paternal ability to discipline his sons. Hophni and Phinehas were priests and they supposed to follow the footstep of their father by obeying God but they rebelled. They collected briberies, committed lots of atrocities and deliberately sins against God.

When people get to the point where God is not their priority then these people have lot the touch and the glory of God in their lives. And where the glory of God is missing, there will be no peace.

God replaced Eli by anointing Samuel as the priest and this He (God) did long before the war that took Eli and his sons. Even God warned Eli through Samuel’s prophecy but Eli did nothing to avert the danger ahead. He just told Samuel that God is God and let Him (God) do as He said (1 Samuel 3:18).

Eli and his sons died the same day at war not just because they lost but also because they paid for their sins. Eli paid because the ark of God was captured at war and because he did not control his sons, and their debaucheries.

Phinehas’ wife died as she gave birth out of pain and loss of her husband, and she named the child Ichabod. This woman should not have died. There is nowhere mentioned that she too sins but then when a family is paying for their sins, the innocent ones would pay too.

The Glory of God is very needful in the life of every Christian. It protects, provides and uplifts. This is why YOU as God’s child need to be careful the way you are with God. Avoid messing up your life as if God is nothing. Follow His instruction. Obey Him. Live your life for Him and let Him the Lord of your life.

May His Glory not depart from you in Jesus name, amen.


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Since When Did You Become A Judge?

“Let us therefore no longer pass judgement on one another, but resolve instead never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of another.” Romans 14:13

With what is going on around the world, and us, it is very easy for anyone to blame the next person for whatever happened.

We love to point fingers at another person during our moment of troubles. We don’t want to accept that part of what happened to us is our fault. Rather, we blamed those people closer to us as if they are responsible.

Apart from this, we are likely to derive joy when something happened to someone, and there, we joyfully judge this person as if it is in our power to do so. Often we may not even realise that we have gone this far in passing out our judgement.

This is why the bible is there for us to learn, for us to understand and acknowledge the ways of God.

The bible says, we SHOULD stop judging others. I have been guilty of this several times and you can’t deny this either.  As Christians, we are forever under the tutelage of God. He instructs us about his laws and love and we must behave to others people even if they are not Christians like us.

Many people who are being judged by you are likely to find their lives in more miserable situation than before. They may lose hope after listening to how you judged them. They may end up committing suicide because through your judgement, they may felt that they are actually irresponsible as you called them.

And if this happened to them, then you have sinned by putting a stumbling block in their ways, which prevented them from changing their lives and accepting Christ.

Are you getting this?

God does not teach us to treat unbelievers like goats. He instructs us to love them and care for them. Also He reminds us through His word that we MUST NOT JUDGE!

I implore you from now on to please stop judging others. God alone has the power and the authority to Judge. You and I don’t have the right to do this and please stop it!


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Please pay attention to your judgement!

“He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him” Proverbs 18: 13

Imagine someone who enjoys getting into other people’s issues! Often, when such person is asked to give his judgement, he would tend to please those that listen to him first even before he fully understands what the issues are really about.

If you are in the habit of judging others, I bet you must put a stop to this. God is not happy that you should judge other people. In fact, you have no right to do this.

Also, you don’t have to give your own judgement to what happened between your friends when you have not heard both sides of the story. You should make sure you are fully aware of what goes on in the midst of your friends, why they quarrel, what the problem was and how to solve it.

You don’t have to take side with one person in such issue because if you do you will end up being the one who gets the shame.

Never answer a matter until you have heard it, until you are sure that what you heard is correct and accurate, not a false. You must learn to respect how you talk, how you address others, how you interfere into another people’s business.

When you are able to master your life in the direction of God and in His laws, you will surely be at peace, and of course, your Christian life will not suffer.

Please, I implore you today, do not make foolish mistake like the gentile. Ensure you always hear out any matters first and be accurate about it before you give your judgement.


Princess Ayelotan
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