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Are You Ungrateful?

“For him that is joined to the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion.” Ecclesiastes 9:4

Are you at the point of cursing yourself, wondering why life has remained unfair to you? Then I implore you to wake up!

Look around you and observe what is happening, then you will see how many people daily lost their lives. Majority of these peoples are wealthy, very rich but their riches had failed to buy them life.

Is this making sense to you? That you are alive is a blessing and you should be grateful. Instead of you hiding in a corner and mourning, why don’t you make use of that time to praise God?

There is hope for you! I repeat: there is extreme hope for you. You are alive, and that is a great achievement, which I want you to be forever grateful. As long as you are living, everything will be fine with you. It is just a matter of time.

There is hope for you!


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Show a Good Sense

“We do not dare to classify or compare ourselves with some of those who commend themselves. But when they measure themselves with one another, they do not show good sense” 2 Corinthians 10:12 (NRSV)

Everyone has some elements of pride within, and these show up often in many cases, such as when we achieved something remarkable, and we feel the need to show off, so that those around us can see us.

This is good to some limit, I mean to some point, because when a show off becomes too much, it leads to sin and of course many nasty reactions.

To be happy about something is great BUT to take pride in showing off is very bad. You are a Christian, and for this, your joy must be centred in the Lord, and whatever achievement you have in life, you must boast in the Lord about this.

When you get to the point that you begin to commend yourself, saying that you do all and achieve all by your own power, then indeed, and just like the last words of the verse states, YOU HAVE NO GOOD SENSE.

Learn to boast in the Lord; do not commend yourself to an extreme. Show to God that to Him be all the adoration and honour. He is the one who raises you. It is not by your power or self that you achieved your goal or whatever.

Without God by your side, I bet you wouldn’t have make it this far, so do not be so ungrateful but comment God and avoid boasting. It is not for the child of God.


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An Open Heart of Gratitude

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom, and as you sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in your hearts to God.”  Colossians 3:16 (NIV)
When someone does something great for you, you tend to appreciate this person. In fact, you end up going an extreme length some times to say ‘thank you.’
A heart that is not grateful is a heart that does not appreciate value.  Life is such that you must not forget to be grateful to others for where you are. The truth is you don’t get to that level in your life all by yourself. People contributed in many ways to raise you up.
These people don’t just get to you by mere luck. God uses them to be tremendous blessings to your life and this is why you must not forget, first of all, to give honour mostly to God.
It is one thing to praise God, to read the Bible, to teach the word of God, to worship Him and it is another thing to do all these with genuine gratitude in your heart.
I can’t help bursting into tears whenever I praise or worship God. I don’t fake this. It just comes normally because my entire soul, spirit and body understand how much God has been playing tremendous role in my life since I was born.
My life is not an accident. All the experiences I had in life, both good and bad, all have God see me through. In fact, many people who are close to me known how much God has worked through me.
I didn’t just get to serve God with this vehemence.  I am a living testimony, testifying of the goodness of God in my life. The truth is, I won’t be where I am today, where I am going to and my greatness tomorrow if God hasn’t changed the course of my life.
What the enemy designed, God changed it all, He transformed me, mould out a new me and give me successes in all direction, irrespective of odds.
So you can understand why I must never forget to show my profound gratitude to God. And I knew I am not alone. You too must never forget to thank God, to tell Him you appreciate Him for everything in your life.
One important note; the more you thank God, the more secure your life and endeavours are.
Don’t be ungrateful. Praise God with an open heart of gratitude, please praise Him!
Princess Ayelotan
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Show Him your Overwhelming Gratitude

“She fell at his feet and bowed before him, overwhelmed with gratitude. Then she took her son in her arms and carried him downstairs”. 2 Kings 4:37

Showing your gratitude for what God has done, is doing and will do in you life is not a forceful act, rather, it is a faithful acknowledgement on your side.

It’s so amazing how you tend to forget those little things that required you showing your appreciation! It’s so human that many people do not remember to go back to and say ‘thank you’ genuinely for what was given to them.

Life is such that you must be careful and be conscious of whatever you are doing. When you learn to thank someone for what they do for you, you are showing that you are truly aware of that that happened to you and you are grateful.

It is the same with God. You know what, each time I woke up, I force myself to remember that this is not my doing but God’s. Do you know that there are thousands of souls that sleep and never wake up anymore?

Apart from this, there are many things God makes straight in my life that I just can’t pretend not to notice them. Some of these, I could not tell because they are invisible to me but through God’s divine revelation, I was able to understand why God changed them.

I believe I am not the only one God works for. I mean, He intervenes in differs of way in your life too. And for these, you must understand the profound need to show your appreciation.

Look at that Shunammite woman. Through Elisha, her barrenness gave way to her having a son, then the son suddenly complained of headache before he died but God raises the child, restoring him back to his mother. This woman knew what to do. In the above verse, the bible says, she was overwhelmed with gratitude for having her son back.

If you read the story of this rich Shunammite woman and Elisha, you will realise that she indeed deserves what she had.

Have you ever been overwhelmed with gratitude to God for everything in your life?  Do you truly acknowledged His magnificent miracles in your life or are you just accepting them as if they are duty that God must do in your life?

I want you to come to this stage where you no longer believe in yourself, in your own making but in complete submission to God and His supremacy in your life. When you are able to get to this point, you will understand that you must show profound gratitude to God daily for whom you are, what you are and what you are going to be ahead of you.

Do not be ungrateful, do not be less concern about what appreciation means. The more you thank God, the more He shows up in your life.

So why not pause and show your overwhelming gratitude to God?


Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved