How Prayer Goes Through The Fire 

Life is hard. People are complicated. But God is neither hard nor complicated.
There is no such thing as living in the dark side of life forever when one is completely integrated with the Almighty. The present day makes it such that there is nothing like the colour in between. It is either white or black. One is either with God or against Him. The Spirit of God lives in the Christian who daily upholds non-stop fellowship with the Lord. He resides with the heart that is forever acknowledging his sins and constantly asking for forgiveness. 

It is easy to push aside the neediness to be with God even in the bad times because one is busy chasing after invisible solutions when one should have turned to Jehovah for help. 

The current societal trends are forcing believers of Christ to start questioning their relationship with Him. If care is not taken, and if guard are let loose, the followers are susceptible to get carried away by fear of the unknowns. 

This is why every Christian must not cease to pray like never before. The continuum of prayer keeps the heart closer to God, and praise and worship serve as backbones to be in daily friendship and communion with the Lord. 

Prayer is important. It is the passport to get to God. There is no two way to it. Without prayer, the heart is emptied and the believer is lost. Without prayer, the Christian is in immense danger of losing his relationship with the Lord. He will be so exposed to imminent spiritual threats that only the Holy Ghost can help him. 

One does not have to shout to the sky to portrait he is offering his petition to God. Prayer can be done without the lips moving or sound coming out from the mouth. 

And prayer is simply not based on wanting something from Him. Any Christian that prays to God only to get somethings from Him ought to be ashamed of himself. Sure, Jehovah knows what we want. But prayer is the only channel to communicate with Him just like one does with fellow being. God is not just about give me, give me, and give me source. He is more than that. God is everything that life can be; 

**He is the Source of Life. **

Many churches continue to devote larger amount of time to prayer because they recognise its importance. Yet, today, some other churches have reduced the effectiveness of prayer when they focus more on preaching about prosperity. 
If the Lord is about moneymaking business, why then do we need to bother about serving Him? What happens then to the miracles and healing being done in His name? What happens to the divine Grace of God when every believer on earth solely turn to Him because of money? Where are the true believers who are willing to continue to tell the rest of the world that God is ::not just about moneymaking businesses?::

Let everyone Christian searches his heart and soul to crosscheck his stand with God. 

Only the ceaseless praying Christian will be able to withstand the societal pressures and temptations before him. 


Published by Ehiyeh-sh’Ehiyeh

“Once I was young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭37:25‬ ‭

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