When prophesy overpass the place of God

“Beloved, do not put faith in every spirit, but prove (test) the spirits to discover whether they proceed from God; many false prophets have gone forth into the world (1 John 4:1 AMP). ”

Four years ago, my younger sister packed her personal effects and fled home. Her reason: A Pentecostal pastor prognosticated that she must get out because we, her entire family members, are the ones blocking her from progressing in life. Another excuse the pastor gave her was about looking for a husband. According to him, if she continues to be in the same roof with us she will never find her future partner. Who knows what she must have told him? Before then, her two platonic boyfriends each got married to different ladies. Perhaps this new fake pastor saw the gateway to pass across his blasphemous message and my sister fell for it.

She rented and moved into an one-bedroom flat. With few months, she took off again. Basing on her narrative, the proprietress of the house is a witch whom she, my sister, kept seeing in all her night dreams. From there, we heard that she embarked on squatting odysseys, on and off staying with her friends. One of the funniest parts of this weird situation was that some of her friends that squatted her were living in their parents’ houses. So my sister whom had made off from her parents’ house was now residing in the houses of her friends’ parents. Isn’t that ridiculous?

After some times, we heard she had exited the church and the pastor. At least from time to time we ensure that we referred to her even if she liked to reject us. In our hearts, we believe that she remains part of our family. To my sister, we are uncivilized. We are despicable. Our parents are less educated as those of her friends. She’d create such imaginary type of family she wanted and thus we are nowhere near her colourful pictures.

Before she fled the house she’d say she wishes to work in a bank. After her bachelor’s degree, she envisaged obtaining a job straightaway. When that does not happen, she turned to the church. She was so pious that one would believe that there is no other Christian like her. There she was doing well as a choir and she carries on look for a job. One time she had a job in a bank. But, it proved to be an outer sale marketing position. What happened was that; the bank recruited lots of afresh university graduates to assist in the promotion campaign. They go down into the cities to homes to distribute leaflets and cajole people into opening bank accounts with them. They paid my sister and her fellow colleagues based on the number of new customers they bring forth. That entails walking all day, sweating it out and grabbing the people at all cost. A job that first seemed to be promising ended up becoming her nightmare. Several times she would come back home tired, angry and with lots of something bizarre to talk about. One day she quitted without them sacking her. I saw it coming as she was the kind of this no-nonsense character. She has no reserve when it now comes to have a word with people.

Meanwhile, we had no idea she’d leave that church for another one. This was a charismatic radical religious group. From there her attitudes changed or perhaps they brought to her that perfect promises that she had always wanted. In spite of her earnestness in Christianity, my sister failed to discern the situation. They worked through her, made her to renounce her family, and live such aimless life. What felt so disturbing was that she saw no wrong at all. She maintained that fact that she is a Christian while we are sinners. No one could turn back her mind. Anyone hearing about her would conclude that the fake pastor brainwashed her.

Today and in her 30 and half years old, my sister seems to have been no different from the person she was when bolted. No husband yet. She had a good job for a short while. At the moment, we had no news to learn whether she has found another job. Nothing. No one drove her from her comfort zone in her family. She did.

God founded the first family. Adam and Eve. Jehovah Jireh expounded the importance of two people joining together. They make something solid and tangible. No doubt that the establishment of a single family augments the offspring, kindred, group, community, village, town and country. The foundation of a family in so powerful that the devil will do anything to destroy it.

We are not intended to multiply over the surface of the earth for nothing. Our assignment to is build harmony and love among ourselves. This does not align with the projects of Satan. He lies at peace as long as he damages the family structure. Once he has the grip on the family rein, he is well aware that the nations will break down.

How is Satan going about doing achieving this?

— Through inventing the spirit of rebelliousness. Let us concentrate for a second. We will realize that teens are at warfare with their parents. How many people are beating up their parents? Hundreds of them! Adult children chose to abandon looking after their aging parents. Even the words that emanate out of the little ones’ mouths are so vulgar and shocking.
— False prophesies: I need no one to pinpoint to me that my sister falls victim to this. And I am not far from the truth to declare here that there are thousands of Christians in similar position as hers. What difference will be the events happening in their lives.
— Plenty of immoral songs. Couples of times I came across some video songs where I saw the displayed of blood, violence, fire, blackness and anything profane. Then I would see lots of youth dancing to these songs, listening to them and singing out loud.
— In most African countries, some ultra-mega contemporary churches derive pleasure in targeting innocent children. They charge these little ones with witchcraft.

The signs are manifesting. This had gone on for long. We must we cautious when some churches are telling us things contrary to the words of God. We need to wake up from our spiritual slumber and put on protective shield of Christ. Can we count those broken homes, and marriages that occurred as the result of fallacious prophesies? How many Christians have gone bankrupt after their churches emptied their accounts? Christian bodies that live at the expenses of their members are not all that of Christ. The pastors are getting fat while the members are lean. Only the faithful ones that can keep their mouth shuts do they give a larger slice of the cakes. No one can get past the lines of bodyguards to see the head of the church because he/she is busy. Unless of course that person comes with new moneymaking ideas. We hold the Bible and do whatever we want with it as if it was a toy-story book. We tend to push the idea of the scripture that says they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

May the Lord helps us in Jesus name, Amen.

Published by Ehiyeh-sh’Ehiyeh

“Once I was young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭37:25‬ ‭

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