“The man said; “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit from the tree, and I ate” Genesis 3:12

I have noticed one very important issue in our world, and that is; we don’t ever want to take responsibility for our actions. Often we tend to blame others, believing that what happened to us, was not our own doing but the fault of these people.

To get to a point of peace, understanding and deeper commitment, you and I need to know that whatever we do, however we acts, in whatever direction we take, all of these, are our own doing.

Take a look at the book of Genesis; when God searched for Adam, called out to him, Adam replied in Genesis 3:10, revealing his sin.  And when God asked him how he (Adam) knew he was naked, and if he’d eaten from the forbidden fruit? Adam responded not directly, pointing out the woman, Eve, as the one responsible. You can read that again in the verse above.

Adam has the choice to refuse the fruit from Eve. After all, he was the one in charge of the animals, he named them, cared for them, and thus Adam was not a dummy. Rather, he chose to join Eve in eating the forbidden fruit.

That is not all; and then God turned to Eve, demanding to know why she did it, In Genesis 3:13b, Eve said; “The serpent tricked me, and I ate

Can you now see the trouble? How did Eve know it was all a trick? It just literally means she was aware of the danger behind, but she too chose to eat the fruit, and without any remorse.

Believe me, from the creation, man and woman; have been so selfish, self-centred when it comes to accepting their fault. None of them, Adam and Eve, wanted to owe up to their sins.

Maybe if they had confessed directly, the rest of mankind today would not have been living under the curse (Genesis 4:14-19).

We have this same problems going on among us. We dislike the idea of owing up. You can see the typical example with USA and Iraq.  Do you know that the war in Iraq was pointless? America has no business entering the country in the first place. There was no weapon if mass destruction. Everything was just a complete failure! When the United States was supposed to be dealing directly with Afghanistan, they were languishing in Iraq.

To day, they were out of Iraq, but they have left devastating impact on those people and their country, and till this moment, USA, has not owed up to being wrong about their judgement and the war.

You can see this too among individuals; anyone can mess up seriously, killing each other, stealing, divorcing, et cetera, but when they get before the judge in court, you will hear these suspects saying ‘NOT GUILTY.” Isn’t that ironic?

Someone indeed committed this crime, he knew he did it but yet, he will never owe up. Why? Because he may have gotten the message from his lawyer who will advise him to say ‘Not Guilty”.  We are living in a world of lies, debauchery, false accusation and the lack of responsibility.

If we start accepting out wrongs, owing up to them, being straightforward in our judgement, I know, this world will be at peace, and we call all live well. Let us learn to accept our responsibility for our choices, the decisions we made ourselves, and let us flee from blaming others, who are completely innocent of what we did.


Princess Ayelotan

©2010 All Rights Reserved


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