Have You Prepared?

“For a day is near, the day of the Lord is near; it will be a day of clouds, a time of dooms for the nations” Ezekiel 30: 3

You don’t need any one telling you that the time of the Lord is drawing near. You have seen the events happening one after the others. The chaos, calamity, war, terrorism, famine, storms, drought, economic recession, death, irreversible illnesses, divorces, murders, and lots of them, are occurring at fast alarming rate that are very scaring!

There is no doubt that before the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, many of these occurrences will take place and they are now in motion. If you think back, none of these things happened in the past with so much frenzy as they are now surfacing.

This is clear evidence that the time if near. Are you prepared? Can you boldly say that you are ready for the coming of our Lord?

Wait a minute! I am not referring to the Mayan prediction. That’s absolutely false! And as a Christian, the bible says there will be false vision and predictions at the end of the time. So the Mayan prediction is one of them.

Even Jesus Christ, our Lord has no idea of the time, the hour or the date. Only God knows this and when the time comes after these events have manifest, which are now showing up, then God will send His son.

Believe me; do not be so careless about your Christian faith at this time. You never know what our Lord will come. Be ready, I implore you, be very ready. Stop toying with your faith in the Lord if you have been doing this. Renew your relationship with God, solidify it if you must but just make sure you are ready, so that you won’t be left out when our Lord returns.


Princess Ayelotan

©2009 All Rights Reserved



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