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Make it urgent!

“So let us not grow weary in doing what is right, for we will reap at harvest time, if we do not give up” Galatians 6:9
To do good to people is to prove this in action. Being good to others is not just the word of mouth. You need to show it, by your actions. That is, helping others, going extra length to make others smile, wiping off the tears off their faces through your giving.
You just don’t say it by the word of mouth; rather, you must prove it in action. How do you do this? By getting into the habit of giving. Doing what is right means being a giver.
Do you call yourself a Christian that you only limit your giving to the church? What about your fellow human being? What are you doing to assist your neighbours who are in urgent need of food, clothes or money to survive? Do you love being a tight-fist?
The bible does not lie when it says you will reap at harvest time. This comes in different moment, mostly, when you are not aware. Of course, there is harvest time for whatever good you do to people. Do not think your giving or your help for other is in vain.
No! For whatever you do to others, you will surely gain it to. I told you, life is all about a circle that keeps turning and turning round. This means it’s 50-to-50 chances.
Listen; don’t get tired to helping others. Just keep doing it. This is what God wants you to do. To love others by helping them, to do good to them, to give freely and willingly in time of their needs.

Make it your duty to make tremendous changes in people’s life these weeks of celebration. Don’t overlook the need to help others. Put smile on their faces in whatever ways. Nothing you give out is small no matter how small you think it is. Just give and never stop giving!
Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved


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