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How not to be an accursed Christian

“And Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, went unto the chief priests, to betray Him unto them. And when they heard it, they were glad and promised to give him money. And he sought how he might conveniently betray Him.” St Mark 14:10-11

Have you ever imagine how easy it is for one to betray a friend? I am sure you knew certain part of the life of Judas Iscariot and how he betrayed Jesus Christ.

For the sake of money, Judas abandoned his true calling and went after bribery. Let’s look at the verse again;

1) And Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, went unto the chief priest, to betray Him unto them. I would like you to take a moment and think deeper over this. Why would a disciple derive pleasure in selling off his master? What’s wrong here? I mean what went wrong? Here, there is no doubt that Judas must have been rebuked by Jesus Christ over something he did and he (Judas) seemed to be a man who does not like correction. He must have believed the best way to get rid of his master is to betray him after all, he was fully aware that the chief priests want to arrest his master.

2) And when they heard it, they were glad and promised to give him money. You can try to envision the joy that came from the chief priests when they met with Judas Iscariot. They knew it would be easier from now on to capture Jesus since one of His disciples would be the master minder of the arrest. Before this, they found it extremely difficult; I mean their entire numerous attempts to capture Jesus Christ went in vain but here they were sitting alone, still pondering how to go about his arrest when suddenly Judas Iscariot showed up. To the chief priests, Judas was heaven-sent! So they couldn’t figure out any better way to compensate him rather than to give him money.

3) And he sought how he might conveniently betray Him; believe me, the influence of money can be chaotic and often drives one to the extreme. Immediately the chief priest promised to give him money, Judas became elated and happy. All he began to think at that instant was how he would get hold of Jesus Christ without raising any much noise. He was going to do this for the money he was being promised! How can one sold of his master just like that all for the sake of money? Does it mean that to Judas Iscariot, Jesus Christ is not worth more than the money compensation he would receive from the chief priests?

Probably you may be done similar things as Judas by selling off your best friend or anybody close to you, and the compensation you got may not have been in form of money, maybe promotion or reward, I want you to understand that there is nothing valuable as keeping long term relationship with people.

You don’t have to sell of your friends, your colleagues or anyone close to you all in your bid to gain something. This is debauchery! It is worse off than anything! You still remember how Judas ended his life? He committed suicide! At the end after Jesus Christ was captured through his (Judas) help, of course, he (Judas) suddenly realised his mistake, went to the chief priest, and asked them to release his master. They all laughed at him! I bet they would have done more than that if it were in this present day generation. They gave him the money promised but he refused, so they threw the money at him. He picked it from the ground, put it inside his pocket, went out and could not get his action off his mind. Then he went right away and hung himself with the coins falling one after the other from his pocket. I would call that cursed-money!

Take a moment today and think thoroughly about this. You may be on the verge of doing the same or already done, you must watch your step. Judas was one a disciple but look at how he ended up. I pray you and I will not end up like Judas Iscariot in Jesus mighty name, amen.


Princess Ayelotan
©2009 All Rights Reserved


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