The Breaker of Protocol (2)



God knows our abilities are limited. We are not required to count them all before Him because He already knows. He told Jeremiah in chapter 1:5 (AMP), “Before I formed in the womb I knew you {and} approved of you…”

In his book, There’s A Miracle In Your House, Pastor Tommy Barnett says “God can take our limited abilities and use them for great purposes”. We only have an obligation to obey. And this is at this level that the struggles come from. Obedience. How much of ourselves are we willing to handle over to God? If He says, Jump!, are we ready to jump without pausing to question Him? Esther was a perfect beauty but a fearful woman. Everything about her describes the natural prettiness without any blemish or needing any sophisticated cosmetics to conceal scars. She was genuinely young, pure and beautiful. Nonetheless, she lacks courage and that stopped her from confronting King Ahasuerus about the genocidal plan hanging over her people. What good is a marriage where a wife must first obtain a speech-visa before she can communicate with her husband? Thank God for Uncle Mordecai, otherwise Esther and her people would have been history. In her weaknesses, God used Mordecai to strengthen her.

Another terrific example is a story of the wall of Jericho. Joshua obeyed God. Imagine how hard it was like circling that huge wall in complete silence for six days. They dare not fart, cough or even clear their throats. Victory, to them, was meant for the take and they knew that unless they do as they were told, there is no way they can knock down that wall, which is their obstacle to happiness. By the time, they blew that trumpets on the seventh day God did not forget their acts of obedience. They fulfilled their quota. He completed His part. The deal was done.


That Monday, I set out simply to enquire. Nonetheless from the embassy I knew something was happening. God was directing me. My duty consists of listening to His direction. I would have gone back home after leaving the embassy after I’d notice it was past 3pm, but somehow I felt an urge to continue straight to the visa office. I obeyed. The reception there was fantastic. The security men are well prepared to provide the information I needed, but then they urgently rushed me in to see a young lady who after discussing with me informs me to come back the next day with all the required documents.


I was going away when suddenly she said. “I think you can apply immediately if you want. ”

It was a shock! I had with me my passport, two passport photographs (I always keep these in my hand purse) and my credit card but no documents. She gave me time to get a postal stamp down the street and when I returned we filled the electronic form. Two days after I picked up the visa! God broke the law for me! It’s been weeks but I can never forget. God is sufficient to overturn a case if only we understand and listen to His prompts. There is a way He will push us forward to do something and we must not miss out hearing Him. Most times we do not hear Him audibly but He uses signs, like rushing us to do it fast, or whatever manners.



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“Once I was young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭37:25‬ ‭

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