The Shame that flushes your face

‘Wherefore, if meat causeth my brother to stumble, I will eat no flesh for evermore, that I cause not my brother to stumble.’ (1 Corinthians 8:13 ASV)

Christianity is not a joke. To keep on living the true life of believer, it requires constant doings such as praying, reading the bible, attending church services, serving God in every way and most importantly, preaching God in whatever you do.

If your life as a child of God is questionable then there is a problem. The only question people should be asking you is, how we know your God? But when people start saying, ‘Are you truly a Christian? then you need to cross-examine your life.

Your family members should be the first people to benefit from your Christian life. It should your utmost goal to ensure that they, too get to know Christ and accept Hm as their Lord, and personal saviour.

If Christianity is all about food and drink then there is no need to promote Christ because it is needless. On the other hand, christianity is life. Christianity is not religion. It is simply extreme liberty from sins and guilt. It is about ensuring the continuity of other believers in their salvation. It is about solidifying what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross.

Thus be very careful. Be cautious of every step you take. Let your speech, your gestures, your way of dressing, your attitude and your movement reflect presence of Jesus Christ. Be conscious of to how you lead others to God. Do not be their blocking stone. Instead be the one who will successfully lead them to Christ. Watch the way you talk. Do not let it be said that it is through you that that person fell out of the grace of God. Do not stand in their way of salvation. Do not use the name of God to deceive people into helping you financially.

Remember if your actions, if your character and if your life is not promoting God, then please change it so that you will not cause the other Christains to fall from their righteous paths. Imagine the dirty shame that will flush your face upon realising you were the one who let others stumbled from following God!

God bless you.

Published by Ehiyeh-sh’Ehiyeh

“Once I was young, and now I am old. Yet I have never seen the godly abandoned or their children begging for bread.” ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭37:25‬ ‭

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