…And the WORD became Flesh…

“And the Word became flesh and lived among us, and we have seen His glory, the glory as of a Father’s only Son, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14 (NRSV)

Today is Christmas! It is a worldwide celebration, by both believers and non-believers. To many people, Christmas is just a beautiful celebration. In fact, majority of people see this as pagan festival.  They drink, eat, dance, sing and that’s all.

To every true believer, today is a special day. We are celebrating the birth of Christ. Many arguments are still on this day, as so many religion sects tend to disapprove today as the birth of Christ.

Nonetheless, large amount of people have accepted and acknowledge today as Jesus Christ birthday and I am one of them.

Imagine God coming down in human form to dwell among us! Have you ever thought of this? This is how great is the love of God for all mankind. When you read the book of John chapter 1 and Verse 1, you will understand so much about the humility of God. He gives us Himself, He became flesh, born today and lived among us.

How many mortals can do this? Before you and I ever exist, God is. He created the entire world, the elements, the animals, and of course, you and I. Jesus Christ exists even before the foundation of the world. He is there at the beginning of creation, he sees everything, from Adam, Eve, to their disobedient, their ejections, the birth of the sons, straight to several lineage, to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Samuel, King David, till the last generation of the old Israelites passed.

To make adjustment to mankind, God makes a very serious decision, He brings out part of Himself, in form of Jesus Christ, to come and dwell among us. It is easy for God to fly down and just descend in miraculous way. He has all the powers to do this.

But to teach us humility and love, God chooses instead to be born from a woman just like us. This is the birth of Jesus Christ. None of the prophets believes God will come this way. They were all expecting a saviour that will fly down from the sky and dwell among them.

So if you try to read back thoroughly the book of John, chapter One, you will discover so much wisdom and knowledge of God about our Lord Jesus Christ.

Believe me, we have outstanding privilege to be called the sons of God! You make a great decision becoming a Christian. You salvation is not in vain!

And as you celebrate today, be kind to others; give our part of your food to the less privilege. Don’t just share your joy alone with your family members, share with the poor, bring smile to people’s faces through your giving. And please give with genuine love and freedom in your heart.

I wish you a peaceful and memorable Christmas, fill with love, passion for Christ, and His kingdom in Jesus might name, amen.



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